And comparing to this years NBA live which i havent taken a look it, these new mechanics, as well as the addition of over 1000 new animations give nba2k16 a massive leg up, there are also 32 post moves. From Challenge mode, which places restrictions on your team in exchange for the chance at extra currency to The Gauntlet, a mode in which players have to win consecutive 3-on-3 matches against other online users to continue, I personally always enjoyed working towards new and better players, its one of my pet addictions, i love games where you can upgrade throughout and 2k16s gamesmodes are brilliant at this. Combine MyTeam with the custom MyLeague and MyGM modes, which are always exciting for those who are looking to fantasy draft over and over, and conclude that NBA 2K16 is NOT short on content and you can sink tons of hours just like the previous games. Social Research - Social Trends Analysis

The Social Issues Research Centre was established to conduct research and promote debate on all aspects of lifestyles and social behaviour. SIRC aims to provide new insights on current social and cultural trends, and to present a balanced perspective on key social issues.