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  • jacky martinez - Really work!

    I already had a nice plumped booty because of my genes but after using these i have really seen a slight improvement. I can see i got a little thicker and for some reason i noticed my legs got thicker as well. Im not complaining. I feel and look amazing! My friend started using these and they are working for her as well!

  • william j. schmader - 2014 honda weather tech mats (full set)

    Fit very well. Arrived timely. Like the item. The only thing is that I did not know that they would be coming in two cartons and the second carton came with the name and address of a person in Indiana but was the back seat mats for my 2014 Honda.

  • high school teacher - Frugal Fixup, Fabulous Finish

    I didn't think this product would live up to its hype, but I was sooooo tired of my circa 1964 kitchen's white with gold glitter Formica countertops, I gave it a try. I'm not good at painting so I hired my handyman/painter to apply the product. It covered the dated Formica brilliantly! The finished product is fabulous! ( One counter didn't look like the other two, due to putting more of one color on it than the others had -- but we were able to touch it up until it did match. So that was more of a problem stemming from us learning how much of which colors to use, than a flaw with the product itself. They give you a piece of cardboard to practice your painting technique on, but we skipped this step and probably shouldn't have.) Now that it's done, I am thrilled with the resulting faux granite! It looks so good, the handyman brought his wife over to see it -- they are kicking themselves that they didn't know about this stuff when they paid big bucks to install real granite countertop in their kitchen. They both said it looks like theirs. I can only tell you it looks wonderful. I can't believe I'm walking into the same kitchen, it has transformed the look of my room so much! Everyone who sees it, likes it a lot. It was easy for the handyman to apply: you just roll on a layer or two of black then dab the other colors on with sponges before applying 2 or 3 layers of top coat. To save time we used my (hair) blow dryer to make it dry faster. If you can paint a room, you can do this, and if you are in to arts and crafts, you would really be able to easily apply the stuff. My only criticism: The top coat material didn't make it shine as much as real granite, but my handyman quickly solved the problem by applying three coats of high-gloss polyurethane. This is a low-budget solution for what usually is a high-cost home improvement project. So if you are having to pinch pennies and need a frugal fixup, this is definitely worth your while. I would especially recommend it for people living in starter houses, singles, newlyweds or seniors on a fixed income -- and anyone who needs a bit of style for a small amount of money.

  • dragon88 - Don't waste your money on this if you have sensitive skin.

    I have provided previous reviews of this product. I used it for a couple of years and it was good for my sensitive skin. Not any more. Last shipment made me break out in a terrible itchy rash. So off to the garbage it went. It was a painful lesson considering the atrocious cost of this product.

  • Steven A. Smith - super slow boot time and doesn't come with ms office

    PC comes preinstalled with junkware ...super slow boot time and doesn't come with ms office. I'm returning after the sound stopped working.