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  • Evan S. - Disposable sockets!

    I thought I would beat the system and stop buying single sockets as I find new size bolts in my car. I got this set and had one halfway strip out on the very first use. The only reason I'm not returning it is because the connections held so poorly the 10 mm fell off into an engine at the scrap yard. If you need something with a lot of sizes for some short-term work, go for it. If you're planning to use them more than once, go elsewhere.

  • KTRJTR - The only one that works and doesn't break you out

    This is the only scar fading product I came back to after trying everything. It's gentle, effective, and worth every penny. A little goes a long way. Just fill the tip of the dropper and that's all you need for your whole face. I was stupid and tried other more "aggressive" products after I ran out of this one because I wanted to take it further and lighten everything else up too, and ended up causing breakouts that took a year to clear up. Stupid stupid stupid of me. I finally got the acne under control and am back to using this to fade the scars. What a god send this product is. After only 1 week they are fading, and no new breakouts or cystic acne. No comedones, no irritated skin. Last time I used this product it took 4 weeks to fade acne hyperpigmentation scars. Can't wait till the month is over and then I'll just going to hold on to this and use when needed, but I probably won't need it now that I know to stick to gentle products. Don't bother with anything else, this is the best.

  • Ms. Lips1955 - love it...

    Wonderful, works just like they said. My mom in over 81, chronic pain all her life, curvature of spine, one leg shorter, Arthritis; etc. Using this has given her some relief... and other family members too.

  • m&m - Floors look great

    This product does a great job bringing life back to a worn hardwood floor, and is very easy to apply. My only concern is that it states not to put a polyurethane finish over this product. So if you are planning to put a new finish on the floor (or any other item), this product needs to be stripped first.

  • Christopher Stephens - its like a VIRUS itself

    I bought a new computer and thought it came with antivirus installed. I was wrong so I bought webroot. though I don't seem to have gotten any new viruses so far, It was unable to "clean up" the existing viruses and I had to take it into the shop to get that taken care of. It also adds a desktop icon EVERY single time the computer starts up. I clicked that I didn't want a desktop icon, I delete it every time, yet every time there it is again... its like a VIRUS itself!!! Gah!

  • Anita - The Perfect Pair

    I really love this stuff. It's not runny and stays on the hair during my over-nite leave in. I would recommend this to anyone with African American Natural Hair. It makes the hair so soft the next day but the only problem I have with is it doesn't have the slip I would like for it to have but I created a remedy for that by applying the Deva Curl No-Poo Cleanser first and then afterward applying the TRESemme Flawless Curls Conditioner.