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  • Alice - Acne scarring disappeared!

    I've been holding off on buying this for years & now I regret not buying it sooner. I get pretty bad hormonal cystic acne that leaves behind dark scars for months. I've never found a product that made them disappear until this stuff. I used it day and night everyday and it worked wonders on my scars. It didn't break out my oily skin, and actually makes for a great everyday moisturizer under makeup. Love the smell too!

  • Furfoot - Great av but not malware.

    Does not catch toolbars, spyware and adware but will prevent virus attacks better than other products and is low on resource usage as long as the system is no older than 3 or 4 years and was a mid range system when new.

  • Janaya - Excellent product, excellent value!!

    This mat has been everything I needed and more! It's an excellent value for the size too! I found mats half this size for several dollars more in a store in town. I have used it to quilt and sew doll size accessories and it worked beautifully! The guides are easy to follow and I was able to flip it according to what color fabrics I was using. I am VERY pleased with my purchase!!

  • Sarah N - Not just for stretch marks

    This lotion is an all around winner. I use it on my belly and it does well for stretch marks, absorbs quickly and smells great. I also use it on my breasts as they chafe from my nursing bra and I use it to lube to flanges of my pump, I am exclusively pumping and found this product more useful than nipple butters. I also found it to be great on my baby's aggressive cradle cap, scoop some on the scalp and use the soft brush throughly and wash with baby's shampoo then just a dap brushed on after the bath. Cured my sons cradle cap.

  • April the Wrath of Spring - little, yellow, different

    Oh my! What a life saver this little gem is! For most of my life I have been using a potato gun to launch my bananas through the large harp I keep in my kitchen but the results are mediocre at best. They never end up being sliced at the right angle, or they bounce off the wall onto the floor and not into the cereal bowl. But now I don't have to keep all this heavy equipment around and no more cleaning up a huge mess! What a great product! I can't thank the good folks that invented this enough. I owe you my life. Seriously. I would take a bullet for you people. I am currently in a car outside "protecting" your house from intruders. You are welcome. This is gratitude, not stalking. Could you please come out here and tell the nice policeman that I am not a threat to your safety? Fine, I'll leave but I'll be back later. Eating sliced bananas in the car watching you with my yellow bananoculars. WHY DON"T YOU LOVE ME????

  • Erica J - If you don't mind acne.....

    This product was sworn to be great for me by a co-worker and she was right. Yes it helps to reduce stress which leads to a flatter tummy the fine print. Side affect is acne. I've always had clear skin but after 2 weeks of Relacore...I had acne on my face, shoulders and back. It's the kind of pimples that are red and sore. After realizing that no shower products helped I stopped taking Relacore and guess more acne. Reading other reviews I'm not alone in this.

  • Angela Poulson - Worth the higher price

    This printer is so amazing - easy to set up and perfect for my home communications business. My clients love that I can print my designs for them in-house, since many of them are dual-sided and in color. And for personal stuff, I love that I can print as many color maps, etc. as I want. If you're hesitating to pull the trigger on this because of price, I encourage you to get over it and realize the long-term savings you can get with such cheap ink. And the convenience of not having to drop everything to run down to the store for more ink cartridges is such a life-saver and stress reducer.