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  • Karen Nothacker - Haved used for years

    I have used this software for tax prep for LLCs and partnerships for 5 years. It is reasonably easy to use, however the user must be familiar with tax rules, or frankly they could make mistakes with this software. For example, if a participating investor passes their shares to another party (due to death, etc.) TurboTax does not always handle the transfer correctly; TurboTax does not ask if there will be a "step-up"; TurboTax does not always handle the "step-up" depreciation correctly. So, I recommend this product with reservation - you MUST know about LLC/Partnership taxes before using this product!

  • John Keitz - My New Second Favorite Antivirus Suite

    I tested this one out on a Gateway laptop running Windows Vista. The laptop has known hard-drive problems, so I frequently have to restore it to factory settings just to get it running. Therefore, this was installed on an essentially clean and new PC. I found that it used very little CPU, so it was able to run without interfering with my use of the computer, a definite plus. The first thing I did was pop in a CD that I know has a Trojan on it in order to test it. Moments after the autorun started, AVIRA successfully intercepted the program. Good on test one. Next, I opened IE and went to the Pirate Bay. I know they're bad people and all, but it is a reliable source of malware in the form of pop-ups, scripts, and such. Again, it managed to protect me from myself and intercepted the first bit of malware that attempted to run. I know these were some pretty obvious threats, but it stopped them nonetheless.

  • Kathleen Hegeman - Best product for putting together a publication

    Great product for putting together a publication. Much easier to use than just using Microsoft Word. My teenagers were getting frustrated trying to do creative school projects and articles on Microsoft Word, so we purchased them Publisher. They find it much more user friendly and for those projects. It also provides many more creative options.

  • Aron Graham - Distilled Lady Gaga - Beautiful, Honest, Compelling

    If “Lady Gaga” is meat dresses, little monsters, a David Bowie-like androgyny, radical individualism bordering on the extreme, and relatively impersonal “club music,” then this album should not bear her name.

  • Michael - USELESS!!

    I am a research guru. So disappointed that I purchased this model. ISE was highly recommended by my plumber as well and I could not be more disappointed. This unit is quiet but has no power. There is no suction and it takes a long time for water to even drain in it after being turned on. I have had many disposals before and most have been ISE. This one is the worst. I may as well have left the old and inexpensive unit that was in my home when I bought it. It did a better job! Will be returning it and going for the Waste King Legend Series or the ISE 1 hp.