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  • BALASUBRAMANIAN - Quality eye serum and beautified my eyes

    Lightweight, non-greasy, attractive, effective – just about everything I want in my eye serum. Thank you Orogold for such a wonderful product.

  • BruceWayne305 - Not for Tile in large Condos.

    If you have loose or hollow tiles in a large building this will do nothing; I went through 10 tubes on 1 tile.

  • Martha zermeno - It was in good condition, but my receipt did not have the ...

    It was in good condition, but my receipt did not have the price of the book, and unfortunately I needed it.

  • Susan Jenkins - Versatile Food Processor

    Some of the reviews about the Ninja seem a bit harsh. Actually, this is my second Ninja, and I didn't buy this because the old one died, because it didn't, but because I needed more flexibility. I follow an ethical diet (veganism) and make most of my food from scratch because I have a mechanical heart valve and all the health issues that go along with that. Also, I have an arthritic left hand and the huge 72-ounce container (my only option with the old Ninja) was cumbersome for every day use. With this system, I can make single-serve protein smoothies, chop veggies for salsa, some salads (like tabbouleh) and make large batches of hummus. I do not have a problem with it not pulverizing food suitably, as did some of the devotees of $500 and up food processors. Yes, when you're making things like nut butters and other high-intensity recipes, you have to use some common sense and let the motor rest. But who wants to work a device to death? I think the Ninja is a good solution. As a single college student, this works great for me. Also, the seller responded quickly to the order, the Ninja arrived promptly and I am quite happy with it.

  • Erin Kazala - This phone is great I love it you can do so much more ...

    This phone is great I love it you can do so much more with it than you could with the freaking Samsung galaxy prevail piece of s*** phone. This phone I can get better service with it than I did with the freaking Samsung galaxy prevail.

  • Cat lover on a budget - Really awful side effects

    I had heard a lot of nice things about Align, so I tried in out for a week. I don't really have serious digestive problems like a lot of folks in these reviews. I just wanted to be more regular without having to eat high-calorie yogurt every day. For me, Align caused severe cramping and diarrhea - multiple times a day! I have never been so miserable. I kept on thinking it was me, but the day after I stopped taking it, all was well again. Then, I see that other reviewers point out that the fillers that supposedly "disperse" cultures are also laxative ingredients. Awful - I will look for another brand of probiotic.

  • tylerm256 - This book helped me pass two clep exams

    This book is not a typical study guide; I expected there would be content in the book similar to content in college text books. This book basically gives you a summary of what's on the exam for a particular subject. If you purchase this guide or the updated 2013 version, I advise that you use a free online text book, and look up the terms in the clep guide; also take the practice exams in the clep guide, they're almost exactly word for word as the real exam.