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  • Nashville Typrgirl - Miracle product!

    I ran across this product at my local Walgreen's over a year ago, but they have now discontinued it and I had to look to Amazon to find it. It really is an amazing product for finer hair! And you really need less of the product than more, so the small bottle goes a long way. I have a shorter hairstyle and just spray the Supreme Lift in several places at the roots and then finger it through. Using a metal round brush when blow drying, this product gives my hair incredible volume and changes the texture in a way that holds my hairstyle all day instead of going flat just a short while later. I have traded all the pre-styling mousses and hair products for the Supreme Lift. I have yet to run across another product like it....give it a try! :)

  • Tommy Nichols - This should have been OEM installed by Ram

    This is what should have been OEM installed on my 2016 Ram 2500. Looks very nice along beside the aluminum diesel cap I also bought.

  • gracierose - Great

    Keep a small bottle in your purse. If you get stressed take some of this it does take the ragged edge off of nerves. Highly recommend.

  • Betsy Pascucci - LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS BOOK

    Take - Girl on a Train and Gone Girl together and you wouldn't come up with a better story told in a better way than The Couple Next Door. Shari Lapena gives us high suspense built on many twisty turns, a few dangerous surprises. I just loved this book and am looking forward to her next novel. It's not easy to get a first novel published in this overloaded current writing market. In fact it's almost impossible unless you are so talented and so willing to take the time to polish a darn good yarn until it becomes a gem. Read this book.