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  • AJ in DC - So far so good

    My shower was a mold and mildew fiesta. I got this spray based on reviews. So far I have sprayed it evenly all over every surface, scrubbed all the tiles, grout and every nook s nd cranny. Directions say let it dry and it should help prevent future growth.

  • Di Price - On the description it says material it is made out ...

    On the description it says material it is made out of is steel. Well most of it is made out of paper. Really flimsy and it won't hold up.

  • Carlyanne - Seems to work

    This seems to work, but we sprayed the house for bugs this year so I haven't seen many anyway. I just don't like that I need one for every room! Otherwise, it does seem to keep bugs away. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

  • Uppy - Did an awesome job for my computer.

    It found over 1000 things in my registry and cleaned them up. After which, I noticed improvements in the time it takes to start Windows XP and launch applications. The biggest improvement was on shutdown. My computer use to take around 30 seconds to begin the shutdown process. This now occurs almost instantly.

  • A. Black - Terrible.

    Okay so, I've been wanting this sim ever since it came out, so I asked my mother if I could get it, I bought it then started playing it, didn't lag, but then it starts lagging so much that I absolutely HATE IT! But other than that it's a really good game, you should absolutely fix the lag. I also have a few suggestions for new games, a ultimate cat SIM, where you start out as a kitten/young cat, and you can make a server or a private server. A forest SIM and you have the option of being a raccoon, a wolf, a blue Jay, a deer, a squirrel etc.

  • Pat Rick Bateman - Great for its price

    I've shopped for and have used other Tonalin CLA products from various manufacturers and vendors. This one takes the cake with its serving size (1200mg) and its price compared to similar products I've used. Since I started using CLA as a supplement over a year ago, I noticed more definition in my abdominal area. This could just be a placebo effect, or attributed to my physical fitness regimen (free weights and cardio), and use of other supplements (creatine, whey protein, etc.).

  • josh green - Hellped me pass my TEAS

    This book really helped me practice for my TEAS test. And I passed them so I am really happy I bought this book. Sure a few typos but not a big deal if you still learn what you need.