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  • Amazon Customer - Failed the test with this product.

    I am a heavy smoker.. I only had about a week to to stop prior to my test for a job.. I followed the instructions to a tee... leaving it in for the full 10 minutes .. I even used this twice... however I just got my results back and they found a high amount of THC.. it made no difference that I have a medical prescription, unfortunately I still lost the job. All I can say is for me this product did not work... I think the only sure fire way to beat the hair test is stop for at least 6 months... Hope this helps.

  • Archer's Paradox - Software is literally in Japanese

    My only issue is that is does not state in the description that the software is in Japanese. All the icons for instructions and help information are in Japanese. Once you figure out how to install it, the install allows you to select other languages to operate in. Took some time with Google to get set up and working. Would have been a 5 star other than that. But the wasted extra time and effort made it a 3 star.

  • Michael A. Urbach - The stuff is JUNK

    I PURCHASED 12 GALLONS on 07/20/13. The deck was power washed with a deck cleaner recommended by HomeDepot where I purchased the RESTORE. The product went on with 3 coats. It looked great. That Oct. we had a cookout with over 20 people. The deck held up well with no noticeable marks or failures. I live in upstate New York where it gets very cold, by the middle of Dec. the deck looked really good with the temp. dropping below O. We even had some snow and after shoveling, still no noticeable failures or peeling.

  • Renz - Xbox One is a fantastic game console and my personal favorite of this generation ...

    Xbox One is a fantastic game console and my personal favorite of this generation (I also own a PS4). Hooking up your cable box through the HDMI in on the Xbox makes things incredible simple. I can play game, then instantly switch to live TV while eating dinner, and then instantly switch back to the game when I'm done eating. I can also suspend the state of the last game I was playing so that when I turn the console on the next day I can instantly pick up where I left off in the game without any load times. The controller is the best game controller I've ever owned (beating out Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation 1/2/3/4, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, WiiU, and more. It's very comfortable and the rumble triggers are fantastic for shooting and driving. Battery life is phenomenal compared to the Playstation 4. I like that the batteries are removable so I can use Eneloop pros to make the battery life even better. The console is completely silent when not using a disc, but even disc noise is minimal. Software updates for the console have been pushed out monthly (with a small break over the Holidays) and they have been consistently delivering quality features while not introducing a significant amount of bugs. I buy all multi-platform games on the Xbox One. Even though the PS4 has had marginally better graphics in some titles, I still prefer playing on the Xbox. It's just easier to not have to change inputs on the receiver or reload the game every time I turn the console on. Also, to not have to worry if the controller's battery has drained even when I was not using it is a big plus.

  • Amazon Fan - Works great

    This little trimmer is excellent for those problem areas where you don't want to use a razor. It is efficient and does the job. I can't say that the light adds much value, but as a trimmer, this one works great.

  • Sean - If you still have anything hooked up to your HDTV with old AV cables, change them if you can.

    If you still have anything hooked up to your HDTV with old AV cables, change them if you can. On a 60" Sharp Aquos, there was a slight difference in picture. The real difference was with the audio. I had an old Bluray player for a long, long time. So long that it used to be hooked up to a tube TV. Back then they didn't include HDMI cables with a new purchase. Sound was always a bit muted, no matter how I adjusted it. Especially dialogue. On many movies, the sound effects would cover up what was being said. Not a problem now. I did this a while back with my PS3 and the difference was amazing. That time I bought the Sony cables. These Amazon cables are half the price but work just the same.