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  • Allied Health Solutions Medical Group - Wellness & Activity Center - Our Wellness and Activity Center is a place where our staff work with clients to help them discover the strategies and solutions that will help them live healthfully and happily.

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  • Juicy - I'm thinking there is some validity to this product. ...

    I'm thinking there is some validity to this product. Although, I do workout, and do a lot of butt exercises. However, I can say the volume and firmness has enhanced since using this.

  • K. B. Harding - The only biography I've ever read cover to cover without stopping.

    I started reading this book the evening I got it and, it was so riveting, that I stayed up the entire night to finish it. This book was nothing like I expected it to be which was a self-serving puff piece by Mr. Young to tell the world, "look how great I am." Instead, in moments of vulnerability, he reveals some of his most private struggles and how he overcomes them to become one of the most respected and revered professional athletes not only in the NFL but in the world. One of the greatest lessons the reader takes from this book is not how many honors and accomplishments Young earned during his storied career but how his priorities never shifted from from faith and family. I unexpectedly found my eyes welling with tears on numerous occasions as I read this book -- some from empathetic sorrow -- and others from a feeling of being part of Young's inner circle as he overcame the challenges he faced to achieve the goals he so diligently pursued. The greatest thing about this book is that you don't have to know anything about football to be inspired by Young's journey and triumphs. Together with co-author Jeff Benedict, Young has created a work that readers of all ages and from all walks of life will find just as riveting as I did. This will be THE gift I give to people I care about most this holiday season.

  • Bud R. - Great picture

    Really easy set up and great picture! Just surprised how small it was had to upgrade to a bigger Monitor

  • George Stalker - The U. S. Air Force moving crew removed ...

    The U.S. Air Force moving crew removed this upon shipping my daughter's GMC Terrain to Germany and it was never recovered. I found this one, purchased it, sent to my daughter in Germany, and it worked out perfectly. Thank you.

  • C. Zhang - Game is Terrible

    This game is absolutely terrible compared to previous Sim City games. The simulation is very shallow and the sims are not actually "simulated" as the promotional material may lead you to believe.