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  • Jin Clapper - A little bit touchy, but very nice

    I ordered the shoes based on the size chart provided by the seller and was able to easily pick the correct size. When they arrived, I was able to wear them comfortably immediately after removing them from the packaging. I don't have much of an arch to my foot, and these feel very nice to wear. I'm able to go about my daily life as a working student without a car in San Francisco and walk up the gigantic hill to my place in these shoes and definitely have felt some relief since wearing these shoes instead of Converse. They're also pretty slip-proof, in fact, since the rest of my shoes are a bit lacking in that aspect, I have to wear these to my food service job constantly. The material feels nice and the shoes themselves are pretty well constructed. If I wanted to get picky, there's a tiny bit of unevenness in the way some of the edges of the material is cut, but they're such small imperfections that they don't bother me.

  • Andrew VanVleet - Seriously flawed software!

    The rental property section of this software is seriously flawed. It sends in you in endless loop of entering property information. I have not yet tried to contact customer service but this seems completely unacceptable when just trying to enter basic rental info.

  • jena - maybe a second coat would be better. The older pair of boots were covered with ...

    Used this on two pairs of leather work boots, one pair was relatively new, the other pair relatively worn. The newer pair absorbed most of the sealant, but is waterproofed for the most part, maybe a second coat would be better. The older pair of boots were covered with a white chalky finish which the product does say can happen on some surfaces, but I could not get the white stuff to rub off the boots, so it essentially looked as though I made a mess with white spray paint on those boots, the water proofing didn't really work on that set either. I think it's a good product if you use it on a brand new, less absorbent surface.

  • Whitney D Brewer - long and boreing

    Im bored within a minnute of this game. It made Daisy Fuentes Pilates seem fun. It is badly organized, boreing, and unmotivating. Its probably the cheapest game I've gotten for the wii, and I overpaid.

  • A. Harter - I love gummy vitamins whenever I find them for what I ...

    I have had a really hard time finding hair skin and nails vitamins that I can take. I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to vitamins, and every other option for biotin has made me nauseous or just had a really funky after taste. Even at 31 years old, I love gummy vitamins whenever I find them for what I need, so I was ECSTATIC to find this as an option.

  • Gustavo Camacho - Complete Rip Off, None of the Fun Side Effects

    I bought these for a friend who has stomach issues. He crushed about 20 of them, knowing their potential effects, and absolutely nothing happened. At this price point, this is a hugeeeee ripoff. On top of that, the package that they come in is not standard Haribo packaging. They come in a bag with a label affixed to them that looks like it came off of someone's printer. I would highly highly recommend against purchasing these.

  • D Frey - Exactly as Expected!!

    Great product and this is a reorder. Love this stuff. Great for African American hair textures and rough stubborn hair.