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  • littlelady25 - I think there must be a better curling wand

    I was so excited when I saw this product, and I found a coupon bringing the price down to only 50 dollars. I used it the night I got it in the mail. It does heat up very quickly and very hot. It was no light to indicate it being on or hot enough or anything. It smells when it heats up, and I'm afraid I really singed my hair. I curl my hair often, I have noraml hair, straight and normal, not thin or super thick. I only held it on the curler for 8-10 seconds (because holding it for less wasn't curling my hair) It does not have heat settings, it is so hot, my poor hair smells burnt! Not good. I have done this same type of curl with my regular clamp curling iron (just leaving it closed and wrapping around) and it worked very well, and did not singe my hair. I was expecting something amazing from this iron, all I got was a smelly room (from the iron heating) and smelly hair that is curled, but there has got to be something better. The company is sketchy, I'm usually good with seeing that and doing my research, but I thought this was the only place that had a wand (didn't do too much research =( ) and the high price made me think it must be good. I definitely am going to try to send it back...I have a feeling that the NuMe company is sketchy about it because they know their irons are not very good. I'm so used to being able to return everything I didn't look into it before I placed the order, and I guess I thought how could I not love it. I was duped. So please, order a different wand from a different company!!

  • Hugo Landeros - I bought it without discount

    Shoes are very cool not like last nike flex run models, very light and it looks great, the only thing I can complain is about price. I bought it without discount ($79.99USD) few days later are $59.99 U.U

  • Rob Drewry - Very Pleased! (Updated 08/05/2011)

    I'm not sure what the issues are of those who have written their reviews about what a poor product this is. I installed mine yesterday to accompany my new installation of Comcast broadband internet, replacing my AT&T U-verse. I didn't want to pay modem leasing fees where I could avoid them. As was pointed out by others, why buy a modem AND router for more money when this will do the trick for my small set-up?

  • brobox - Wife loves it

    We are trying this before buying a complete induction cook top. So far the NuWave has been fantastic. Do check to make sure your cookware will work. If a magnet sticks to the bottom, it will work. Most aluminum cookware will not, but stainless steel and cast iron works fine.

  • candace - Increased my supply

    Would recommend to anyone who is having an issue with supply. Take as manufacture states- weight based dosing. Only complaint if I had one is the limited liquid intake required within 20 minutes of taking these pills, difficult to do when you have to drink 3 liters of fluid a day for milk supply. But only a minor inconvenience for something that had helped my supply so greatly

  • SRodrigues - Early menopause

    I will refrain from getting to preachy but I was having a really tough time with menopause. I am on the younger end and was not expecting to begin menopause when I did. I think the emotional toll that this has taken plus the actual symptoms has been a lot to deal with. I was told about Estrolibrium from a friend that knew about it and she encouraged me to try it. I mean what did I have to lose anyway. I ordered a bottle online and started to see a difference within a few weeks and I am so grateful. My mood has lightened, my periods are less painful, my sleep is more restful. I can concentrate more. I just feel like the cloud that was in my brain has cleared out and I am myself again. Finding Estrolibrium this early in the game makes me feel really lucky and like I can get through the rest of this journey without wanting to curl up in a ball the entire time.