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  • BabyBlendingBlues - I absolutely love this case

    I absolutely love this case. It covers the iPad up almost entirely when closed, which a lot of other cases don't seem to do. It's comfortable to hold and the pen fits in really well. I'm a professional artist and this has enabled me to feel more comfortable using my machine on the bus and other places I'd be afraid to without it. I'm completely confident I won't lose the pencil, but it's easy to get out at the same time when you need it. This case is fantastic so far.

  • Bectile - Great for antique chair joints

    I needed to do some repairs to some antique chairs, so I researched what to use to help secure old loose joints. Apparently this is the gold standard to repair antique furniture since you can soften the glue in the future if needed, to perform any additional repairs. Thus it is not a permanent or damaging bond. Also, it take a little while to set, so you can take your time getting it into all the spots you need it before you put weight on it, or clamp it. Wipes up with water and doesn't seem to affect the finish. Does have a funky smell when it's wet though, so sniff at your own risk! :)