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  • sorcha - Huge plot flaws and other errors

    What happened here? There are glaring errors in this book that any decent copy editor or proofreader should have caught, not to mention the author on her final read-through. The biggest one has to do with Aurora's pregnancy news. Earlier in the book she calls her best friend Amina in Texas to tell her the good news (pages 22-23) and Amina cries, telling her "I saved all my baby clothes!" Later in the book (page 133), Amina has come home with her young daughter, separated from her husband and visiting Auroroa and Robin. Aurora tells Amina she's pregnant and Harris writes this scene as if this is the first time Amina has heard of the pregnancy! How do you miss something like that?? What kind of hiring standards does this publisher have? Smaller errors, such as referring to Aurora's boss's wife Marva as having a "flare" for crafts, are also cringe-worthy (page 27). A large plot flaw lies in the concluding pages, when it seems clear that the parents of the young man responsible for the crime will escape prosecution because no one can prove they knew about the kidnappings. But they spoke to the other parents about getting ranson calls for their "kidnapped" son, took money out of the bank, and made a fake ransom drop to make it look like their son was also kidnapped. How is that not proof of complicity? Why would they make up such an elaborate story, just to give their son money? I'm disappointed in Harris and her publishers.

  • mimi - False advertising Supple is just another ripoff of money from thousands of people with joint pain - do not waster your money

    Supple is not worth trying for joint pain. I drank two cans on two different days and awoke both days with severe pain all over my body. My rheumatologist told me to discontinue drinking immediately. I stopped and my usual level of pain returned. I am canceling my contact with this fraudulent company where the producers are greatly enriched and users are still greatly in pain. I would like to see a class action suit filed against the company for fraudulent advertising and ripping off people who are experiencing joint pain.

  • Trunk Monkey - Worse antenna ever

    Worse antenna ever! My HD radio channels are constantly buffering and I have not reception for some radio stations and I'm just a stones throw away from Los Angeles. Don't waste your time or money on this antenna. I'm going to try and return this. Hopefully its not too late.

  • MJWIL - I love Emminence

    I use various Emminence products and I just love them. I have mild Rosacea and their cleansers and moisturizers are the only ones I have found that I can use again and again without my skin errupting. In fact, they help soothe it.

  • S. Fuji - works so great, gets all the hair!

    I use this electric shaver on my legs when I am too lazy to shave in the shower (plus those type of razors give me rashes and bumps!!) This razor is so easy to use and so fast. I use it in the morning before I leave the house. So quick. The cleanup is so easy too, I just open the top and shake all the hair out into the trash can. The blades on this are so safe, and can't scratch or break your skin, but still manages to get all the hair does to the root. Love this razor.

  • OrthoPA - Finally...

    I've used dozens of shaving products over the past few years and I couldn't find one that I liked so did a ton of research before purchasing this product as well. I tried it out in the store and bought the travel pack. It worked so well that I decided to get the larger size.

  • Festeroso - $$$ savings

    Much better deal then local school...I buy books offline, why give the school more money? Why do they make a new version every year though ?