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  • Judy in California - It worked!

    Happy, happy, happy tonight! All my tests for diabetes are now normal. Thank you Mary Kay Grossman! Back in March I was diagnosed with prediabetes (which runs on both sides of my family). Initially, I tried to control it with a glycemic index diet, but it got worse instead of better after 6 months. So in September I read the Insulin Resistance Diet and began following the program in this book. It worked! I'll be following this program for the rest of my life.

  • Derwyn Key - Good for the price

    Only have been using them for a few days but I am happy with them. Be sure to read the instructions for then. There were preparing them for use and care instructions that you might not already be aware of.

  • Ryster - Read this before installing...

    I purchased this to replace an expiring Norton Internet Security license. Initially, I attempted to install the McAfee product from the CD that was included in the package. The product installed, and then when it went to update it failed. I uninstalled the product and tried again. Same issue. Turns out the CD contains a build of version 11 that is known to have a corrupt McAfee Anti-virus engine. I uninstalled the product, ran the McAfee Product Removal tool from the McAfee site, and then tried to install again. This time I did a web-based installation instead of the CD based installation. That solved the problem. It pulled down version 12 from the web and is running perfectly so far.

  • Spike - Definitely one of the better ones

    This is a great product. My trainer recommends it and it's great because it does replace so many added products.

  • just your average consumer - Luminess airbrush positive results

    I am just your average consumer, not a makeup artist or professional cosmetologist. However, my job requires a lot of public speaking. Therefore, it is important I always look my best. My skin has occasional blemishes and uneven tone. Applying foundation the traditional way did not completely cover those areas without looking caked on. Even when I used a primer and concealer I was left with either, blotchy skin that never looked quite clean, or skin that looked caked with makeup. Neither of which is very attractive.

  • Chris W - Long Live Power Pop

    The last Top 20 hit by the band it is one of my favorite Badfinger songs. I love that Pete Ham wrote it about a girl he actually knew and dated and can't help but wonder what she thought about that. As with most Badfinger tunes it is the definition of power pop, with a memorable riffs, stong drumming and my favorite guitar solo in a Badfinger song. Long live power pop!!!