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  • Meredith L. Fahey - ... my most recent tattoo (my biggest yet) I was disappointed with how slowly it was healing

    After the first session of my most recent tattoo (my biggest yet) I was disappointed with how slowly it was healing. Then I stumbled upon this stuff and decided to try it out. I was impressed. My tattoo healed in half the time, without the mess of thicker ointments. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  • Kindle Customer - Just double sided tape. UPDATE: can be useful

    ***UPDATE: Found a use for these where they actually worked nicely. I have a wireless router in the house and it needs to be in a very specific location to cover the area. It was just sitting on a chair. So I decided to use this to attach it to the wall and it actually worked nicely. The router is small and light, maybe 8 x 6 inches and under a pound. I like the fact the velcro allowed me to get it straight and that it should be easy to remove from the wall/router with that command strip pull tab thing. Still don't understand how you'd hang anything more than a tiny picture with this though. ***END OF UPDATE

  • Patricia Tumlin - Most economical of the OG brand of coffees w/30 'sachets' per box

    This particular flavor of the OG brand is very aromatic, earthy and pungent. I am after the health benefits of the organoderma lucidum that has benefited people all over the world. I have noticed a more robust motivation at my 64 years of age and my acid re-flux is GONE! I am dreaming again after many years without them. Some drinkers say their fibromyalgia is relieved and sinus sufferers (my hubbs) notice improvement! We'll continue to drink this coffee like it's the medicine that was put here by its Creator for us to enjoy! With the Black I have to add sweetener and creamer (I have become addicted to the hazelnut) but the underlying potency of this medicinal beverage is undeniable! Try it, relax and start to feel something improve in your body! You'll become convinced that you won't want to start your day any other way. Your regular coffee will pale by comparison!

  • Diane Slaton - The Couple. Next Door

    This is the best suspense book I have read since Girl on the Train. It might even be better. You do not know the entire plot until the last few chapters. The only thing that might be wrong is the ending. It might have been meant to end this way or the rest of the story might be on the horizon. I devoured this book. I could not put it down and like any really good book, I was sorry to see it end. Enjoy. I know you will.

  • Buhree - DO NOT BUY

    I had this unit installed at the time of purchase of my 2011 Prius, in November of 2011. By March 2012 the GPS system no longer worked. You will go through all of the steps to type in where you want to go and as the map loads, it immediately pops up and tells you there has been an error. That error message will stay on the screen, sometimes for 20 minutes, preventing you from doing anything on the system. When I contacted Myron & Davis, they told me to contact the seller (Toyota) when I talked to the dealership they told me to talk to M&D, after pretty much begging the Manager of the Service Department at my dealership to do something to help, he was willing to look at it. He told me that he contacted the M&D because the unit has a 1 year manufacturer warranty, and they told him that it's still Toyota's Responsibility! Unfortunately I'm still stuck with the piece of crap in my dash. Luckily the ipod and radio still work, but the GPS, the reason I got the unit, hasn't worked hardly at all.

  • Mitch Harris - Also this is the cube featured in a scene in Interstellar so that's cool =)

    very high quality plastic and smooth turning. Not for speedcubing as it locks up a lot. Also this is the cube featured in a scene in Interstellar so that's cool =)