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  • K. Trabert - good product over priced from this seller though

    I've been waiting to write this review to really give a good opinion on this machine. After 6 weeks of doing the gazelle and a disciplined diet I've lost 24 pounds. Not only have I lost fat, but I've put on considerable muscle as well. You might read other reviews about people not getting a good workout from this machine, but I have to say they don't know what they are doing. You can make this gazelle as easy or as hard as you want just by using your own body weight by leaning forward and backwards. An extreme lean forward with the focus on your upper body and you will feel the burn in your arms shoulders and chest VERY quickly. Same as the lean back, working different muscles. Also doing a full stride and stopping and holding it, will work your core, concentrate on those abs you will feel it. You want legs, lower your hands n the handles and slightly bend your knees. Blasted! I am able to get a good workout in about 25 to 30 mins. My whole body is pumped after getting off.

  • carole tisler - Do not waste your money

    To begin I have used the Jergens Glow for the past 5 years, however after seeing Tan Physics in a magizine article I was excited to try this. Immediately upon receiving it I was spectical , it was running down my hand as I put it in my palm, but decided to go ahead and give it a shot. I have bee trying as instructed since I purchased, sorry to say it is awful. It dries your skin and then it flakes off just like dry skin does. I am back to my Jergens Glow and can purchase four of them for less than one mod the TP. Gave it a shot but did do what promised

  • Emma - Ok product, too expensive

    The idea of this product is great. You take these sticks anywhere and "caffeinate" any drink without altering the flavour, because these are tasteless... think about caffeinating an orange juice. A stick offers 125mg of caffeine, which is nothing for someone like me, who drinks at least 250mg daily in preworkouts only, not counting the caffeine contained in zero calories soft drinks.

  • Vinita S. Patel - It's a great adult show to watch on Sunday nights

    Season 7 continues to provide the same level of entertainment as the previous 6 seasons. It's a great adult show to watch on Sunday nights. Toast to the writers of this show. They continue to keep the stories interesting and hilarious. Watching such talented actors, Shamelsss continues to add to its fan base. 👍🏽

  • Amazon Customer - Causes other games to freeze

    Causes other games to freeze. This could be a fun game but it takes too many of my kindle fire hd's 8.9 resources. As soon as it was installed I could no longer play my favorite game, Ice Age Village. Every time I tried to open it , it froze. Finally I deleted House of Fun. ICE AGE VILLAGE working fine.