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  • THERMIva Treatment Atlanta | THERMIva Procedure - Thermiva is a non-surgical way to help women improve their vaginal wellness. To learn more about our thermiva treatment, contact us today at (770) 393-9000
  • THERMItight Treatment Atlanta | THERMItight Procedure - THERMItight uses gental dermal heating to tighten sagging skin around the body. Contact us today at (770) 393-9000 to learn more!
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  • THERMIsmooth Face Treatment Atlanta - Our THERMIsmooth face procedure will gently heat problem areas on your face to promote collagen growth. Contact us today at (770) 393-900 to learn more!

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  • Dorothy - Helped my toe nall become normal following chemotherapy.

    Following chemotherapy, I developed a thick white-yellow nail on my big toe. I went to two different podiatrists and one suggested laser treatment and the other suggested removing the nail. Before doing these radical treatments, I decided to try some over the counter products and the one that has worked is kerasal. My nail returned to looking like a nail--I did not file it or do things that others on here have suggested. I just applied the kerasal to the nail in question and the nail next to it (just in case there was spread of some kind). I can't tell you the time framerwork before my nail looked normal---I am guessing that the whole nail had to grow in. But it does look normal and it is not thick and painful any longer. Nor does it require daily treatments of kerasal to stay this way. So I am quite pleased with m y experience with kerasal.

  • Abigail Miller - Great resource!

    This is a great reference book and resource. It has all the information you need about medical schools and their admissions requirements, standards, and much more. A must have for the medical school application process. Great book!!

  • Cedar's mom - hard upselling, difficult cancellation

    I called in to order Total Transformation after hearing it on the radio with an offer to get your money back by reviewing it. The thing is, when you call, they spend alot of time (at least 15 minutes for my call) trying to get you to sign up for more services (especially the parental help line which is free the first month and charged after that). I almost hung up and should have since I was clear from the beginning that i only wanted Total Transformation. AFter getting the parental help line which i planned on canceling, I called the number 3 times during the first month and there was never an answer. it says to call 9-4 eastern time and I called during that time. the message said "call during regular hours". it was 8am western time so well within the time slot. Finally when i got my credit card bill I called the number on that and cancelled after being charged for a month----I had to wait on hold for 5 minutes to even get a customer service rep. The materials themselves might be good--I haven't gotten through them--the first couple of CDs and pages of information are more commercials for the program!! I already ordered the thing, why do you have to sell it to me again? Hopefully I'll find the information I was looking for soon. There's only so much time I have to sit and listen to CDs out of earshot of my daughter.