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  • R. Harbert - Great charging device for backpacking

    I wanted to use my iPhone and/or iPad for their GPS capabilites rather than taking another GPS device. Problem is that the iPhone drains batteries pretty quickly. My 3rd generation iPad is better but it still won't last three or four days in the back country.

  • M. Spearman - Listen up everybody! Do you have Excema?

    I buy on Amazon a lot and for some reason, I kept seeing this honey. I read the reviews and decided to buy some for my sister who has some kind of skin condition on her hand. Her skin was rough, red, scaly, itchy and she has had it for about a year. Sound like ECZEMA???? She has tried prescriptions and over the counter stuff with little success. I bought this and brought it to her and I said "You are going to think I am crazy, but this honey is going to heal your hand." She told me that within 18 hours, the swelling had gone down significantly. Within 5 days, it was much, much better. And, in about 2 weeks, it was practically healed, except for her skin looking a little different color due to the trauma to it over the year. This stuff is amazing!! She just put honey on it and covered it with a big bandage.

  • runner - really good

    hey the stuff rocks-no loose bowel either < I use advocare cleanses for healthy intestine and stomach,as far as shiff move free great stuff helps me run 3 hr marathons!!!!!!!!

  • Kricket - No Burns, No Stinky Smell, No Hair!

    This stuff just works. I won't say that you'll be hairless forever, but if you need to do some quick grooming before a beach vacation, this will do the trick.

  • sharifred - Loved my old one but the new one died quickly

    I had an old Finishing Touch for YEARS (I'm guessing 8 or 9 years), and I loved it for removing errant facial hairs and a little bit of eyebrow maintenance. It didn't have a light or pretty colors, but it did the job. It finally died so I didn't hesitate to buy another Finishing Touch product. This one, however, lasted just a couple of months. I have tried numerous batteries just to see if the batteries were the problem, but that's not it. Unfortunately, I no longer have the receipt or the original packaging (why would I keep that for something that only costs about $10 and worked immediately out of the package?), so I can't get a refund. I will be buying a different brand and hoping I'm not wasting more money. I'm seriously bummed because I loved the old product.

  • diana lewis - Not what I hoped!

    After reading the comments before I purchased this and many saying it's so cheap for this wonderful cream. I bought it at $50.99 which I don't believe is cheap for a face cream. But if the hype about this product was true, I felt I needed to try it. I'm in my early 40's and have some signs of crows feet and just wanted a little tightening in my skin in general. I have used it for a week and although I like the texture of the serum going on, it makes your skin feel silky, after 3 days of using I broke out horrible!! And my skin now feels greasy. My skin is usually normal and rarely greasy and I I never breakout! Being that this is the only change I have made. I believe this is the reason for the breakouts. So I feel I spent a lot of money on something I will not end up using and probably take week or more piling on the makeup trying to cover up the damage it caused. Not a great buy. I think I was better off buying a $25 bottle of Roc.