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  • M. Shain - The only kid music my kid hasn't outgrown

    My son has loved the Imagination Movers for several years now. I'm glad to have some new music for him to listen to! And hopefully a new show to follow!

  • Elizabeth A Lusch - It's not as good as 2008!

    It is more complicated. Takes more time to find the town that we need. And then being able to bring the streets in so that you can see the exits takes more times than the 2008. The software definitely needs to be tweaked a little more to make it easier for truck drivers.


    I have been an office fan since the beginning. NO MORE! Microsoft has just made a draconian change to its office licensing scheme.

  • Madelyne Sony - Intro to Physical Anthropology: Great book, definitely needed and recommended!

    This is a great book for Physical Anthropology. It provides the historical context along with interesting passages that are set up in a story like format, which in my opinion, definitely helped me remember topics on exams much easier. There is an extensive list of vocabulary both helpful and easy to follow along for the class. I enjoyed the fact that the chapters were not necessarily over complicated or written in a dull and run on matter. The text get straight to the point and you'll be able to pick out those important facts needed on exams without getting caught up with any complicated and unnecessary context. i definitely recommend this book if you're taking this class. if you are required to have this book for this class i would suggest you buy or rent it. The class on average is not the most difficult and thus, neither is the material; however, the words and vocabulary are unlike some you can just use common sense on. the book will definitely help in that aspect and with the names of the different primates and hominids. Good luck!

  • Blackjetta - Everything you want to know (and should know) about credit.

    Great Book. This has taught me more about credit and how to maintain it or get it than anything I've ever read on the subject. Or heard for that matter. It's a complicated thing, but everyone needs it to get the best rates on all kinds of things that we acquire. The best advice is to pay your bills on time, every time, And keep your credit balances low and you'll do wonders for yourself.

  • Jack - Great product. Respected company

    I have been using Muscle Tech products for over 15 years. They always had a quality product. They have been responsible for being the first ones to bring a lot of products out today to the market over the years. Myobuild is another quality product. The fruit punch flavor is my favorite. I mix it in with my protein along with my creatine. I have seen steady gains with the use of this product plus the muscular benefits of BCAAs in general. You can't go wrong with adding Myobuild to your supplementation.