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  • Juan Gomez - Great tires

    great tires ride is great nice and smooth, best price i found, last set of these lasted me 40,000 miles.

  • VICTORIA MOORE - Buyer beware!

    The product was rancid/not the same product I bought in the past from My skin broke out terribly after using! Buyer beware!

  • Kristen - Quality info with good resources

    I did sooo much research before I decided what study book I would get for that dreaded GRE test. Everywhere I went, Kaplan was highest rated so naturally I had to go with that. When searching on Amazon and reading reviews, I didn't get the same vibe that I did on other websites. I was hoping for every review to be at least 4-5 stars and some reviews weren't half of that, which made me start to think I should look into a different publishing. Nope - so glad I got this one. It's literally exactly what you need to study: simple, straight to the point, informative, practical, etc. The GRE just sucks, that's all that is, there's no study aid that will make the GRE not suck. However, if I had to choose again, I would still go with Kaplan Premier (CD rom and internet access is a huge plus). So, your $20 something (if that) will not go to waste. Don't second guess purchasing it like I did or you'll just waste precious study time!

  • zugzoid - Bad service

    I bought my Shark about 18 months ago. It worked wonderfully right up to the time that it quit working. No problem, it's under warranty. Called customer service and it's under warranty - we'll have it to you in a week. GREAT!!!!'s six weeks later and no part. They said there was a greater than expected demand for this part and it will get there soon. I have thrown the shark in the garbage got another vacuum. When they say there's a greater than expected demand for that part, that says to me that these vacuums don't last. Read more of the negative reviews and you will see that this is not an isolated incident. Indeed this may be the norm. Buyer beware. If you can go six weeks without cleaning your house, kudos to you, I can't go that long. This company is a ripoff.

  • Ks Gal - No customer support

    I had LC 2005 for almost 10 years & loved it. I'd saved hundreds of family & favorite recipes. I cook daily & relied on this online cookbook. My computer crashed & I purchased a new one. I was able to restore my old computer & purchased LC2015 upgrade. When I went to restore 10 years of recipes, I kept getting an error message. I emailed RT & finally received a reply. I tried what Melissa told me to do & it didn't work. After a couple of attempts to get additional help, I received no reply. I called & left messages & no one called me back. Finally I disputed the charge on my credit card. But what I really want is my recipes. I can't begin to replace them & I'm sick about it. I can't recommend anyone purchase this product because they don't back up their product.