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  • Angela Montellano - I think it's helping.....

    I am indeed losing weight, so maybe it works. I like the flavor. I will order more when this runs out.

  • justshopping41 - Caution required!

    Disclaimer: I did not purchase this from Amazon, I purchased this from a Walgreens in Chicago. This is a review on the Zantrex Black product and not the Amazon seller.

  • T-Rex - Didn't work

    I followed the directions, cut my fat and carb intake, took a 30 minute brisk walk each day and lost nothing. I kept this up for two months and have had no results.

  • shaugherry - Don't like the color

    This color is definitely not cute. I thought it would be a unique glitter but it's very common. Did not like it at all.

  • P Dunaway - Works for my arthritic knuckle

    I play harp. My hands need to be well and strong. The pain that had been getting worse in my left hand would not respond to home treatments. Salonpas however is working. I have used it just three days, but already the pain is subsiding. I am very pleased!

  • leslie - Love this product

    I have been taking this product for 21 days now. I am very satisfied with this product. I have palindromic rheumatism arthritis which is basically arthirits that comes and goes as it pleases and picks different joint to affect. I have been going to a athritis dr for 2 years now and trying different meds but nothing seems to be helping much I decided to try this out after reading good reviews about it on a palindromic rheumatism facebook page I choose this brand because it seemed to be a great value, and a high amount in each pill I am so glad I choose to start taking these. Lately my arthritis flares are less frequent and that is very good. They still come up every onece in a while but not as often as they usually were. I would definitely recommend this brand to everyone.