Premier Integrative & Functional Medicine Center - Alternative Medicine, Natural Medicine, Integrated Medicine and Functional Medicine in Placentia CA and Orange County CA- Naturopathic Doctor Craig Mortensen.

  • Videos explaining Integrative functional medicine - Dr. Craig Mortensen, Mark Hyman and other porminent Alternative Integrated functional medicine doctors discuss common areas of dysfunction.
  • Premier IFM addresses many adults and children with ADD and ADHD naturally - Dr. Mortensen uses an integrative functional medicine approach to address how the ADHD brain functions and how to best opimize and normalize the brain to reduce the symptoms of ADHD
  • Integrative, Natural, and Alternative treatment for Autism spectrum Disorders. - There is a way to naturally help those with Autism spectrum disorder. By testing and evaluating the function of your body along with genetic predispostions we can help address many different areas to improve autism.
  • Having an autoimmune disease like punching yourself in the face. A Natural approach. - Dr. Mortensen's SoCal IFM approach to autoimmune disease looks to the root cause and often deal with toxins, food sensitivities, leaky gut, hormonal imbalances and other issues that can contribute to autoimmune disease.
  • Natural treatment and solutions to depression and anxiety. - Treating depression and anxiety naturally can be very effective with the proper treatment protocols. Using Integrative and Functional Medicine we will fully evaluate any imbalances in your health and/or neurotransmitters so that we can provide the proper natural solutions. Optimizing proper levels of Serotonin, Norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamin, GABA or glutamic acid is essential.
  • Functional Medicine Approach to Natural Diabetes Treatment - SoCal integrative Functional Medicine focuses on why a patient has diabetes. Our goal is to not cover up the symptoms of diabetes but to get to the root cause and treat it naturally.
  • Providing a natural solution for patients with chronic digestive diseases - Dr. Mortensen practices a form of alternative healthcare known as Functional Medicine. Our focus is determining the route cause of your chronic digestive disease.
  • A natural treatment for hormonal problems through natural Integrative medicine. - Dealing with hormone imbalance is a delicate dance that involves many different partners. Whether its perimenopause, menopause, chronic fatigue, erectile dysfunction, or low testosterone, Dr. Mortensen can help you find a natural treatment.
  • Natural treatment of skin diseases with alternative medicine, integrative medicine, and functional medicine - Skin disease is often a symptom of other health imbalances. By approaching your skin disease with alternative medicine, integrative medicine, or functional medicine, we can get to the root cause of your skin disease.
  • Natural Thyroid treatment explained - Thyroid dysfunction is a common issues in todays chronically sick population. Dr. Craig Mortensen discusses some common imbalances and nutrient dificiencies that can contribute or cause many thyroid problems.
  • About Dr. Mortensen Integrative Medicine located in Orange County - Dr. Craig Mortensen is a prominent practitioner of functional medicine. Studying at the Institute of Functional Medicine, Functional Medicine University, and independantly. Dr. Mortensen is adept at getting to the root cause of dysfunction.
  • The leader in Alternative medicine for Orange County - Premier IFM utilizes a combination of alternative, integrative, naturopahtic and functional medicine to treat many common and chronic health conditions. By digging deep we look to the route cause of disease.
  • Integrative Functional Medicine in Orange County, CA - Integrative Functional Medicine Center for health has been providing true healthcare to the residents of southern California for over 15 years.
  • Virtual Visits for Functional Medicine - Dr. Mortensen is now providing distance or virtual consulting for clients that are interested in recieving his services in functional medicine yet are geographically too far to come into his office.
  • Functional Medicine Forms for Dr. Craig Mortensen - Integrative functional medicine takes the approach of addressing the entire body and all its systems, not just one system. By looking as someones entire history from conception to present day we wil get a true health timeline.

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    I was very concerned over the skinniness of my 18 yr-old Russian Blue Lady. Taking her to my vet was a great thing to do, since she was diagnosed with HyperThyroidism. This product provided the exact thing that I wanted to do, which was to heal her without Medicines or surgery. Thanks Wellbeing for making this holistic herbal cure.

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