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  • OBTAINING CIPRO BRAND - the most common side effects of cipro impact on psa test are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting abdominal pain or discomfort, headache, rash and restlessness.
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  • clubkobe - Why does this taste so bad?

    Tastes horrible. Maybe I got a bad batch. I tried it, yuck, put it aside, tried it again a couple months later, I felt like I was going to vomit. Out it went in the garbage, almost a full container. No idea if it works or not, as I just couldn't stomach it.

  • Ale Ayotunde - uncharging tablet

    This is really a lovely tablet i purchased in May 2014 .however four days ago it stopped can't be repair in my country.what should I do?

  • Haley Crook - Very disappointed in this seat.

    Very disappointed. I wanted to love this seat. I researched for months and bought this. It is seriously rock hard where the baby sits. I expected it to be firm but it was just cloth and the thinnest little pad you ever saw, then the hard EPP foam. The seat was also broken I'm pretty sure. It would lift up from the base and make a horrible noise and shift around when my son sat in it. Packed this seat up and it is headed back to Amazon tomorrow, it didn't even make it out to my car. Also I feel like certain elements of the seat they really didn't use the best quality. Like the chest clip, harness and belly pads, etc. For how much you pay for this seat it is pretty ridiculous. Clek really needs to work on comfort because their safety features really are top notch. I plan on getting a Peg Perego convertible instead.

  • Paul Buckner - The only antivirus I trust to protect my customers

    I've used Kaspersky for years now to keep myself, my family and my customers safe from virii the world over. I love being able to buy it online, for half price (or less!) and being a Prime member, I get free shipping on it...