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  • L. Robinson - If you implement this; it will work!

    I admit I was skeptical in the beginning, but after being on this "diet" (more like a way of life) I have lost 20 pounds. I am extremely delighted with my progess.

  • Suziesilverado - Nice monitor but the softward wouldnt download.

    I liked the monitor colors, size, clarity, but I have an HP computer (good processor, three years old) and it will not download the driver software. I find the buttons ( not very deep) in the back to be uncmfortable to work from the front.. I'm reasonably computer savvy and have not had this problem before. So I called AOC twice but neither technician could figure out a way to resolve the problem, using the disc or with a separate emailed download. They said this happens sometimes.

  • Faramarz Rabii - Not a real crystal radio

    A real crystal radio uses a "crystal" instead of a diode. You are supposed to put a pin on the crystal which does the job of a diode. This one uses a regular diode which sort of defeats the purpose. In addition it is cheaply build. It is flimsy and basically a piece of junk. If you got nothing better to do I suppose you may spend the day wrapping the wire.

  • Rosebudbandit - Feast your eyes

    So much magical, beautiful-ness in one book! This was one of my favorite of the series, and I never could have believed that it got better. But it did! The illustrations are lovely.