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  • Abacus - Excellent book with much insight on the subject

    Liz Weston does an excellent job of opening the black box of credit score calculations and how to improve your credit score when necessary and reestablish credit. She also explains the difference between a FICO and other types of scores generated by competitors or used internally by banks. Weston also debunks many of the myths related to improving your credit score. She also warns of the danger of dealing with credit counseling businesses where many are fraudulent operations. Weston is well versed in many related legal issues like bankruptcy reform, credit card reform, debt statute of limitations (see related table on page 120-121), consumer rights, etc...


    I think this machine must be programmed to go bad just after the 1 year warranty is expired. I have had the 770 for about 1 1/2 years. It worked pretty good for a while but for about the past 6 month the machine NEVER finds it's way back to the dock. I have to search the entire house to see where it quit. If I "herd" it to the dock it will run over it and still not dock. The"virtual wall" also works for a while and then the roomba will run right past it and usually run right into the thing you had the "wall" there for in the first place.

  • T. Kane - The smell is terrible!

    The smell is terrible! After putting it on I kept wondering what the terrible chemical smell was and each time I realized it was the moisturizer. Save your olfactory senses and find a different product.