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  • mamabearbillie - Freaking awesome!!!

    I can never get enough of the TS series! Although my husband is looking at me as if I have lost my mind because I am doing the happy dance. As in standing on my bed, jumping up and down, because I am so excited for the upcoming stories on Pete, BSJohn and Jay. Woohoo!!!!!! TSseries are my absolute favorite books. Love catching up and I am so grateful you are continuing on. Suzanne, you are my rock star!!!!

  • Joey Maness - Complete let down :(

    To the manufacturer; Thank you for making complete and total CRAP. Not only did you waste my time, you wasted the time of my customers that had to wait for me to write a receipt.

  • Neal Kinney - Go Ahead! Compare the Taste of Creamy Mash with any Other Brand. You will Agree! The Best!

    This is, without a doubt, the best instant potato mix I have ever tasted. First found it at Costco and then panicked when they ceased to carry it at our local warehouse. Called the company to see which local markets carried it and found it... for a while. Finally found it on Amazon.com and have been enjoying it constantly ever since.

  • Tim Hogenmiller - Not bad software for editing

    Not bad software for editing. There's better, but it'll be alot more expensive. This will work for most semi pro video editor's .

  • Mike B - Excellent Reference

    This is the most comprehensive, well written, and informative book on Excel 2010 I have seen. If you can't find the topic in this book, Excel probably can't do it!

  • Lookingforananswer - Doesn't work all the time on heater core leaks.

    I put 3 bottles, two of aluminum and one of copper Bar's stop leak after the first two didn't stop a leak in my 2002 Grand Cherokee Limited V-8 heater core and it still seeps. Has that foul smell of antifreeze off and on. So, it looks like trading it in (has 167,000 miles) with the leak or spend another $600+ to replace a second time. Strange thing the first core started leaking 1 month after the 3 year factory warranty was up. Stop leak fixed it for 6 years, then it went out. Replaced and the replacement core lasted less than 2 years. And no stop leak appears to work now even for a short period of time. By far the largest repair and trouble I have had with the vehicle. And if you think rust is the problem, no. Original radiator and water pump, coolant clean.

  • Margaret Nathan - Lucy & Desi: The Legendary Love Story of Television's Most Famous couple

    This book kept my interest and was a very complete biography of their lives. I couldn't put it down. I would recommend it.