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  • Cat Lady - Holy grail moisturizer.

    This is my holy grail moisturizer!! It is rich and wonderful but not at all heavy. I use a prescription retinol for my acne and it makes my skin flaky, but this takes all that away. I use it for both day and night, I don't care for the AM version as much BUT it does have sunscreen. Try it, you'll love it!

  • William S. Olewiler - Some problems

    The first copy I received was for a zone other than US. It created problems for Windows 7 that are not fully resolved after two weeks. I returned that copy and received the correct disk which installed correctly. I also run Outlook 2007 on a different machine. I much prefer the 2007 interface.

  • M. Alfaro - great product

    I have been using this product for about 5 months for fungus problem on toenails, it was introduce to me by my sister. I started seeing a change in my nails within, I would say two weeks. This product really works but you have to have lots of patience and keep up with the regimen. I will say this, don't expect it to work the same way on you as it does for others, and also depends on how long you have had the problem. I have been reading how some people have been comparing the main ingredient (ethanoic acid a.k.a vinegar) to the vinegar that we can buy at grocery stores. The thing is that the vinegar used in nonyx (pH:~9)cannot be compared to common household vinegar(pH:~5). pH is very important for microorganisms and they can live in some pHs better then others. If the pH is too high or too low they might not grow/live as well. The pH is what really makes nonyx work better than common household vinegar, along with the xanthum gum that keeps the acid in place for a longer period of time...


    I have no idea how the bottle was cracked even thought it was wrapped in bubble wrap but it was.. I dont want to deal w/ returning it blah blah blah so im hoping it doesn't spill out when I use it. The shipping was quick and the actual product I like because i've used it before. Helps with the fly aways and makes my hair look shiny (using a dab amt at a time). If you use too much then your hair will look greasy. Not sure if I would buy from this vendor again though because of the bottle being cracked

  • Dan Spoelstra - Horrible. Returned it. Seller was fine. Just not the product

    This doesn't turn off the radio unless you wire in to something else. Also the biggest problem I had was it interfered with my TPMS system. Made them not stay connected to cars computer. Extremely annoying and when I called scosche they just said to do a firmware update..... Ya that got me nowhere. I even had best buy install this and it was nothing but problems. The buttons all get stuck down and its next to impossible to use the touch screen while driving. Do yourself a favor and save money and get the Metra kit. This one looks and feels extremely cheap and the whole touch screen is a joke.