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  • Dirk Walden - It does waht it says.

    Its a great workhorse of an antivirus program. It is quite effective in blocking intrusions and warning you of questionable sites or attachments.

  • Tim Garroutte - No support for Printmaster 2012

    Like most that post here, I had the older version of Printmaster and loved it. I had to upgrade to Printmaster 2012 when I upgraded my computer. Greeting cards will not print on one page, even though it shows the print job correctly in Print Preview. I cannot find a fix for this issue and the Printmaster sites do not have anyway to contact them. I hope they are reading all the post and make some corrections. Just go back to the old version.

  • SuzeeQ - Maxine - movin' & grovin"!!!

    Love Maxine is here again. Good size calendar to write all the necessary appointment. Even have a pocket book size to use daily and keep track.

  • Heather S. Leabman - MOST BEAUTIFUL GOTY

    Kanani Akina is 1/4 Hawaiian, 1/4 Japanese (from Dad), and 1/4 French and German (from Mom.) I too would have enjoyed black hair and deep brown eyes, but Kanani is bi-racial and this is explained in her Meet paperback book.

  • RowdyReviews24 - Love it!

    I love this shampoo + conditioner. I have a blonde top with a dark red on my bottom half, and the combo does a great job at restoring my blonde even when some of my red bleeds into my blonde and it never damages my red (or not that i've noticed to date). :)