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  • P-Herb - Topps cards

    The 2011 Topps Complete MLB set came in excellent condition. I am very pleased with the set and the timely fashion in which it was received.

  • jbk1955 - Better built than we expected!

    This spreader is actually better quality than I expected. It is very well built. It mounted easily in less than an hr, and unless they have changed the mounting bracket, we never noticed any of the problems of wobbling side to side or trying to pitch forward like some of the other reviews stated (although we have only used it with grass seed so far which is much lighter than fertilizer). A couple of things; the picture shows a metal broadcaster, ours was plastic, but very sturdy and now that I think, that's probably best with fertilizer since it will really corrode metal. Also, the lid doesn't fit tight enough to travel down the road with the 4wheeler/spreader in the back of a truck or on a trailer. It will fly off. It just needs a minor modification= bungee cord or something of that nature. Other than that, this is a great spreader.

  • Shellie HZ - Lavender oils

    I am new to Essential Oil use and still learning all of the wonderful and miraculous uses of these products. Suffering from multiple immune disorders and many other medical issues I was put on so many scary medications ranging from morohine to Lyrica which gratefully I know longer use. Still, I take over twenty medications daily. At the age of 56, I am working dillagently to wean off of my medications with the medical supervision of my physicians. Aromatherapy is amazing! Like I said, I am knew to EO's so aromatherapy is where I have begun. Soaking in the tub on bad flare days I draw a bath and added a few drops in my hot bath....when the tub cools to where I am able to get in the scent around me is so relaxing and my skin feels so refreshed afterwards! In my diffuser, Lavendar oil is so relaxing and calming.

  • Dane - Stops Leaks - Doesn't Stop Sounds!

    This product claims to stop leaks and stop "squeals". In my experience, this product did indeed stop LEAKS, but the squealing was only VERY SLIGHTLY diminished. I have a dry steering rack, which it claims to also help with, however there were still sounds coming from that after using this product. If you need a great product to stop LEAKS, get this, but if you're looking for the sound to stop too, try another product I would say.

  • SomeTinkererGuy - It works, I can't believe it!

    So I bought a Land Rover Discovery I with an oil leak severe enough that it would literally smoke from under the hood at stop lights! (got a great deal though)