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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Ronald - A great cologne that many people don't know about.

    I tried Versace Blue Jeans Cologne for the 1st time in 2004 and have loved it since. I think it has a very pleasant smell to it, and I have received numerous compliments about it as well. A lot of people are unfamiliar with it, but are very intrigued once they smell it, that is how I got hooked. It has a very unique scent that is pleasant, comforting, and definitely starts a conversation.


    It works for me when NOTHING else does. For severe reactions yes you may need to go get a shot. But even for a severe reaction it STOPS any further spread AND gets a handle on the itching. That is my experience. First time using it I was so far gone that it mainly helped the itching and stopped any further spread but I did have to ride out the healing process and it was lengthy and bothersome. I imagine a steroid shot would have helped, but I don't like steroids, and the zanfel made it as bearable as the shot would have. I am terrible about spreading it and in the past I've ended up with breakouts all over my body. The last breakout we were about to go on vacation in New Orleans (hot and humid). I was so disappointed and dreaded the trip. I caught it early though and treated it. It work wonderfully. The N.O. trip was saved because i caught it early and I just had a couple of spots for two days!!! Worth it baby! Yesterday my eye started swelling up and I thought maybe there was something in it. This morning I woke up and it was red and swollen pretty bad, my face had two red rashes and unfortunately my lower area was itching bad lol. Wish I had been on top of it yesterday but shame on me because it's had a chance to spread and get settled in. I used the remaining zanfel of an old tube. It has stopped the rash in it's tracks. My lower area still itches a little, and my eye still bothers me a little, but jeesh it stopped the spread! It STOPPED it! It will now heal in the next couple of days and if another red spot comes up I will treat it and that's it... NOTHING else does that for me, nothing. I'll admit I do despise spending that kind of money on a small freakin tube. BUT, I will do it again and again because it STOPS the spread...immediately! I came on here to write a positive review and I am totally surprised at the negative ones. It works for me. At least tonight I know it's stopped spreading. Maybe it truly didn't work for some people, but jeesh I hope the bad reviews do not turn people away that otherwise might get some relief. This is the most effective treatment I've found to date. Good luck peeps there is nothing worse than poison ivy.

  • Jones - Nice, Sturdy

    I typically do not like cases on my iPhones. However, because we have young children and you never know where or how your phone may end up, a case is a good idea for us. These cases do the job well. They provide fantastic protection, just like any other case. The difference here is that this case:

  • R. Borja - Bogus - this is the same as the FREE version

    You are not getting Strunk & White's The Elements of Style. You are merely getting the 1919 version of The Elements of Style -- before E.B. White improved it. And who the heck is William Strunk, Jr.? That is an ingenuous claim. Strunk's son did not edit nor annotate The Elements of Style.

  • julie - impressed

    I ordered these matts because all came together, back ones to. I'm so impressed with the fit for my 2014 Ford Escape, especially the back matt , that have the middle covered, how clever, keeps clean.

  • Kimmy Nguyen - This scooter are light

    This stroller are light weight but the space for the sit are to small it not comfortable for the leg room.

  • Colleen Catania - Amberen -

    I started Amberen a week ago. On the first day I actually had more energy than I thought I would. I feel like my life is my own again. I am actually cold these days -- my husbaand says he thinks i was having hot flashes all along and just did not know it because they were mild - I would go home and everyone would be freezing and I would turn the air on to get cooled off. But this past week I have actually turned off the air in the house and it has been a real blessing. I have more energy, my workouts are better because of this, and I feel more alert and not so emotional. Love it --