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  • Cuckoocat - Arrived after another person had received it and returned it.

    Package arrived, the box obviously retaped by prior recipient. I opened the box to find a return slip from the prior purchaser indicating that the unit did not heat anything and was returned. I din't bother to go any further. I returned the item. The ellers didn't even bother to see what the previous buyer had to say!

  • P. Rubingh - ceramics book

    The book itself is informative but not all that captivating. Other than that the item was brand new and arrived in fabulous condition in a short amount of time. I was very happy with the sender.

  • B. Ross - a waste of time and money

    I have installed Microsoft Outlook 2003 on multiple computers but Outlook 2010 on Windows 8 was unmanageable. I tried calling Microsoft for help.......forget it.

  • Rebecca l - Didn't even work, not even a channel

    We tried this and couldn't even pick up a single channel. We have been able to get about 8 channels with our other antenna but they were not stations we wanted. This antenna wouldn't even pick up anything. Waste of time.

  • Jess - You will be MISERABLE at First!

    I started the 30 Day Cleanse a little over a week ago, and God was I MISERABLE! For the first 5 days, I felt hungry, I had headaches and waves of nausea. I thought, if this is how it's going to be, I'm never going to last for 30 days!!! And then, on the 6th day, I turned a corner. The headaches were gone. I didn't feel constantly hungry or nauseated anymore. I actually felt good. I think my body was de-toxing those first 5 days and that's why I felt so sick!!! I was not eating healthy food before I started so I think I was in withdrawal from sugar and fat! When the cleanse day came on day 7, I actually got through it fine. You are drinking something or eating a snack like every 2 hours, so I actually felt ok! Now maybe the next cleanse day will be harder for me? I don't know. But I'm on day 9 and feeling good. I lost 7 pounds in the first week. This diet is probably not for everyone! I am getting married in less than 3 months so I wanted to do something quickly, and I was willing to suffer if the weight came off fast. I find myself thinking that after I achieve my goal weight, and my wedding is over, etc., I still might drink the shakes for breakfast, and/or a lunch once in a while, and eating healthy meals, etc.and just work on maintaining my weight. To those who are looking for a slower weight loss, with more food, this is not for you. But so far, for me, it's working well!

  • K. Magoto - Great product

    I used to use this product and told myself I wasn't worth the price. Recently I found a jar with just a little left. After using it I realized I needed to continue so I found it on Amazon. I do love this product and the size I bought will last for many months.

  • JimmieJo - Taxes

    Excellent tax program I have been using for years. Don't pay extra for the state addition if you don't need it. Fonts and background should show a little more contrast. Also fonts should be adjustable for the over 40 generation.