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  • Check This Out - Make sure you get the second edition

    If you're getting this book, make sure you're getting the second edition. There's a lot of important and potentially life-saving information that got left out of the first edition.

  • Doctort - Great Book!

    It is a very good book which has stories from across the world about things that have happened to people. You'll find out that you have never heard about mostly all of the stories. Very well done job to have put them all together for our reading!

  • Deborah - Amazing

    I haven't seen another product work like this does -- My daughter urged me to buy this but because I rarely get a cold sore, I never did. Well I bought it now and it's wonderful how well it works. Wow.

  • cKevan - Not great for Oily Skin

    We have bought these a few times, mostly to help with snoring for my husband and I. They vary in their ability to stop snoring and help breathing. But I think part of that is the dry climate where we live (Utah). Because it is dry I think our noses tend to close up despite being held open. Also if you have oily skin at all, (like me) these do not stay on as well. I will clean my skin and make sure it is dry, but through out the night the oils come back or sometimes if I sweat the strip falls off and it is back to snoring. I will say that when the weather is fine and when my nose does not get oily, they work pretty great.

  • Joey W. - get to the point please

    a little wordy and repetitive. Book could have been half the size but it had good info that I'm trying out. May update if I see results

  • SupCap - Dull, nothing new or of any particular note.

    Unless you were out of the country or in a coma during the 2012 presidential election you will find very little interesting about this book. It basically skips over some of the lessor republican candidates and just regurgitates the news headlines from the 2012 season. Very few behind the scenes or interesting off the record commentary. This is all done very safe and formulaic so that no one is offended and no bridges were burned for the next season's access. Honestly the only things that I learned at all were some conversations with Chris Christy about his decision not to run. All in all this was a big let down, the positive reviews here really confuse me, are people that easily impressed? If your expecting something along the lines of "Game Change" you're going to be in for a disappointment. Unless you have amnesia skip this book!