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  • R Lopez - Grandson Loved it!

    When my grandson loves it, Grandma is the worlds best Grandma. Nothing in life makes me much happier. I holds 3 darts and I bought a dozen more so he doesn't have to run and get them every 3 shots. His mother wants one now to retaliate.

  • Judith W. - Great Buy!

    Perfect...I can now start taking Vitamin C again....can't swallow the larger pills and could never find anything in a capsule or softgel....these fit the bill perfectly. Love them and the flavor is tasty.

  • luieji - Very comfortable and roomy for people over 6 ft tall

    Very comfortable and roomy for people over 6 ft tall. Mine has the eyesight system with adaptive cruise control. Vehicle will maintain speed until it recognizes that it has another vehicle in front, then it adjust speed and maintain proper distance. Gas milage is decent, expect around 26 mpg combined driving. Cabin is spacious and quiet. The voice recognition is not as good as the Ford but it dows a decent job. Sound system is really awesome with a good heavy base, the Harmond Karmand system must trully wonderful if the base unit sounds this good.

  • Anton - Overhyped

    This game is not that great. There are less than 10 multiplayer maps. The maps are not well thought out and they are not that big. There is only one item in each battle pack and there is no longer attachments in the battle packs. All the guns come with free selection of the attachments. All you can get are skins and XP. It takes so long to level up. If you get like 8k-10k XP in one match you only gain half a level and that match took a half an hour. If you pay for 5 hours at one time you could gain a few levels only and that takes way too long. The single player stories are limited in that there is not much to do. All you do is follow a path, kill some people, and that is it. It follows the same mechanic as the other battlefield games, which is boring

  • NICOLE HATCHER - Pool Maintance Kit

    Everything in the kit works great!! Very happy with the purchase! Make cleaning my pool a breeze!!! Would recommend this kit!

  • nicholas hurley - come in a nice book-like case

    Let's start with the packaging. All of their phone products, beit Apple or android, come in a nice book-like case. The directions are easy to follow and it guides you through the entire process. It even has directions on if you're having problems, namely if you're having trouble with the edges adhering. The process is very easy and pretty idiot proof. It comes with the screen protectors, wet and dry wipes, and a dust sticker. The screen protector itself is made of a good quality. You'll need to get some sort of credit card of sorts to smooth out the bubbles, if you get some…which I didn't. No big deal, as anything with a straight edge should work. And the best part is if you mess up, just take of the protector, re-dedust, then reapply. We have their screen protectors on every phone/tablet in our entire household and will continue to do so! I'm happy to hear it is 3D Touch compatible…some of the third party screen protectors aren't. Keep up the good work guys!! Great quality! Overall an excellent purchase! Very satisfied! I will amend my comments if I run into any problems down the road but I don't anticipate there will be any :). I really like this product! I recommend it and would buy it again if and when I needed to. If you found this review helpful, please feel free to click "yes" under my comments :) Thank you!

  • Tammy D. - Does it work????

    I am on my second bottle of IsoSensuals Butt Cream and I really like it. The smell is good, and I can see my butt getting plumper. I do think you see a faster result if you squat while using it. I've never had a big butt I was always teased about my size but now I get compliments. If you are wondering if it works the answer is YES!!!