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  • Jae1 - **WARNING*** DO NOT BUY

    I purchased a 2010 Toyota Highlander straight off the dealership truck brand new and immediately bought this crossbar before pulling away from the dealership. So...I have owned these for over 2 years now and find their aesthetic value to be high and their practical application to be completely and utterly useless. Let me explain, I've strapped down a number of items to these over the 2 year period, whether it's been some wood or my kayak, and the amount of flex or give in these is startlingly bad. I have no confidence in these to hold any amount of weight. The most awkward item would be my 14 foot 78 lb. kayak (w/Thule glide system installed on crossbars). You can literally feel and see whatever you strap down to the crossbars bounce up and down. I paid top dollar for these at the time and am now about to spend another 200-300 dollars on a completely different crossbar due to these shortcomings.

  • Gary - Buyer Beware!!!

    Buyer beware!!! This product is not good. You cannot sear or cook eggs in this without adding some type of fat like butter or Pam. I do not recommend this product and I cook a lot. I had hope for this product. I guess I'm the sucker.

  • Amazon Customer - Different than pictured :(

    Unfortunately the product I ordered is not what was shipped. All 4 of the products are different than what is pictured. They smell similar and appear to be similar to the Marrakesh product that is shown and that I have used before. I am sad it was not the exact same as that is what I was looking for and thought I had purchased. Had I known it would be different, I would have purchased the product I was looking for somewhere else. The shampoo and conditioner do not have the pumps that are pictured either :( Hopefully It works similarly to what I have used before.

  • techmom - Raw SoCal only BBThornton could depict

    Ever since my first 1996 southern California visit, I have been forever amazed at the paradox that, in spite of the paradise weather and sunshine smiles, the SoCal general public vibes come off as depressed angst.

  • The One Who Critiques - Didn't help at all waste of money

    Terrible product, I know it didn't help my computer at all and the fact that it has a yearly subscription fee it should be a crime to sell this to consumers. I feel this was the root of my computers problems first off, because when I deleted this hunk of junk software my computer felt so much quicker load times were better and it has been much more responsive.

  • Blake A. Miller - Works like magic

    This just glides through the hair and seems to only remove the undercoat (which is what we were after). The Furminator is a little harder to use and removes not just the undercoat, but also some of the top coat as well. I am using this on two Shiba Inu and it's working fantastic.