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  • Buggle - Good glue, terrible price.

    I bought this glue to mend some shoe soles back together. The glue worked great! But I saw this glue at my local Lowes for about $6. I would not encourage anyone to buy this from Amazon. 99% of the time Amazon has the best (non sale) price hands down. But this is one of the few exceptions. Only buy from Amazon if you really don't want to/cannot leave the house.

  • Amazon Customer - ... a bit of downward bias as I have never liked injections. This was last injection I used and ...

    This has a bit of downward bias as I have never liked injections. This was last injection I used and probably won't do it again. That being said, this particular injection has the same problem others do as it has a tendency to saturate some areas more than others even if injection areas are spaced well. The problem, I've found is more pronounced in poultry than either beef or pork. The second problem, is that this injection has a fair amount of ground herbs that get caught in the injector and also clump up in a small area in the meat itself. Of course, this isn't a problem if you use only broth as an injection for example. The actual flavor of this injection was pretty bad. It tastes completely fake and made me pretty nauseous.

  • A. Gurley - My choice for over 5 years

    I love this line, I have used it for at least 5 years and its all I use--this is coming from a major brand hopper before I found this. It works so well for my naturally curley hair. I have used all kinds of hair products, from the very expensive Kerastace to Ayurvedic what-have-you. I love zero lathering shampoo, I don't miss the suds at all, my hair does not feel heavy or get build up from this shampoo.

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