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  • Kelly - FANTASTIC STUFF!!!

    I have A LOT of ink and recently began finishing my back piece (almost 100 % covered). I decided that I was going to try this product in hopes of dulling some of the discomfort that comes with tattooing and boy was I surprised at just how wonderful this stuff is! I sat through a 5 hour session with almost no discomfort and it wasn't until my tattoo artist was doing a lot of overlapping of colors did the normal discomfort begin. I followed all the instructions (super easy) and so far have had no issues with the healing process of my tattoo.

  • tomica washington - Works Great!!!

    Works great at straightening hair. Bought two as gifts and they love them. Easy to grip handle allows you to style hair as desired. Works great on wigs and weaves with no problems! Would definitely purchase again!

  • alana - Happy

    One day only...obviously I have not grown any hair with one usage but......I am amazed how much thicker it looks with just a shampoo. I was reluctant to write a review as I always think they are fake.....good or bad. This is a real review and if I never grow thicker hair.....at least it looks it. The shampoo did not lather like other shampoos from the store and it actually had a funny feel to it when it was wet. It dried and the thin areas did not seem to show. I have blonde fine hair and have had a hysterectomy and my hair has thinned. I will keep posting as I want to give honest helpful reviews. I will definitely keep using this. This is an honest review and I have written bad ones before about hair products and just want to share what might at least make a person feel better about their hair. I would have given it 5 stars but thought that I couldn't with one usage. Make sure you shake the bottle.

  • TrainerTim - Okay product, wish I didn't pay that much for it

    Definitely does get your core sore but for me I had to use it for 2 hours straight non stop at lvl 150 (max) in order for me to feel something the next day. I don't even do much core in the first place so the overly hyped youtubers or some of the comments are just wrong. I bought this thinking I'd get sore after a 40 minute session with this thing based on all the reviews out there but nope I was wrong. Overall, its a decent product and does make your muscle contract and yes you need to supplement this with good diet and exercise in order for you to see some kind of result. I used it for about 2 weeks and now its collecting dust since I don't like the sticky padding that goes on your skin. In my opinion, 1 star was taken off for the sticky padding feeling (although there's probably no product out there that offers something like this in the first place but hey its my opinion) and another star off for all the reviewers that lied to me.

  • Tracy - Useless product - 3 cats all inside pets

    Useless product - 3 cats all inside pets. Dog was brought some fleas in the house, cats ended up with fleas too. Bought collars for cats and the dog - a week later all animals are infested with fleas! (Dog was on monthly pill for heartworm/flea treatments that didn't work - she will be going back to more expensive pill)

  • revieweramazon - Tastes TERRIBLE. I can barely get it down

    Tastes TERRIBLE. I can barely get it down. BUT, it actually does seem to curb my appetite. I have had to find creative ways to incorporate it…smoothies, etc and can still only get about half the recommended amount in because of taste.

  • Abraham L.A. - i truly recommend this product specially if you abuse from processed food

    First 9days of use you can really tell something inside is being cleaned, i truly recommend this product specially if you abuse from processed food, fat , drinks etc