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  • B. Gordon - Good product but messy application

    I find that follicle booster pretty much does the same thing as rogaine does, but at less of a price. For people who think this product will magically make your hair grow, here is a reality check.

  • Angry Mofo - A work to admire, quite aside from the concept.

    It's difficult to say something new about The Wall. Its reputation as a Rock Classic is cast in stone; but, by the same token, it has also accumulated a set of standard objections from detractors. Personally, I love the album, but some of the "contra" arguments are convincing as well. Rather than bore you with another testimonial to The Wall's greatness, I thought I'd discuss some of the main counterpoints.

  • Mouselips - Rejuvenate will give you a nice shine when you first start using it

    Rejuvenate will give you a nice shine when you first start using it. Then you will start noticing streaks on the floor from moving chairs and pulling a vacuum with wheels across it. These are not unusual events and should not cause streaks. Now I'm supposed to strip it and buff it off? Awful product! Definitely not as advertised.

  • Amazon Customer - Well priced moderately large wrench set

    The size selection in both SAE and metric are very good. Seems to be of good quality material. Only thing I could complain about would be that the roughness caused by the impression of the sizes was not buffed before heat-treating and plating. That leaves a rough texture right where you grip them. It could be smoothed with a file, but that would mess up the plating. For the price I can definitely live with it.

  • Rich L - Does everything, fairly well

    This suite is big and yes, bloated. It takes up a lot of room on your hard drive, adds several little processes that can take up your system resources, no matter what you are doing on your computer, and purports to do everything you could possibly want to do with photos, videos, data discs, and probably a lot more, because I haven't really gone through everything it offers. Several of the components do a good job of simplifying complex production problems. For instance, if you want to take your photo images from your vacation and make them into a playable DVD, you can do that pretty easily with this suite. You can do simple edits and "optimizations" of individual photos too. There are a lot of other projects too, just judging from the menus. The program that creates 3D images was new to my experience, fun and fairly effective.