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  • S. Glick - Art with a twist.

    The art of Alex Gross describes the world we live in with clarity, skill and wit. I enjoy this thought inspiring book over and over and see something different and thought provoking each time.

  • Diana McGraw - Not what it used to be

    has been impossible to access back issues, tho I see they are attempting to remedy this. Not enough articles of interest to me to make it worth the price. I am not renewing.

  • Runar - a great read

    I am a Cheryl Strayed fan, having read Wild with much enthusiasm. If it wasn't for that fact I have to admit I probably wouldn't have read BAE2013. But am I glad I did! Each story grabbed me and had something to teach me about other peoples experiences, and through that also teaching me about myself. Heartbreaking in places, dramatic in others... a great read.

  • TPC & Amazon Customer - Excellent information and not out dated

    Excellent information and not out dated, if you purchased the book in 2009, there is an expanded edition. I was able to find the prostrate supplement at GNC (Men's ultra saw palmetto formula) this year without a problem. For those of you that are thin skinned or overly sensitive, or can't handle his passion or profanity, get over yourselves, this doesn't take away from the quality of the information. If you don't want to take him home and introduce him to Mom, I can understand, he probably wouldn't want to meet her anyway. I once asked him why his vanilla whey protein tasted so bad, his response "Butch-up Sally, it's good for you" .... I appreciated his candor and butch'd up until he came out with coco flavor. Excellent book and excellent TPC supplements, granted supplements that average $7.00/mo. aren't usually sold in packages of 10, so a bottle that lasts 5 months for $40 is equivalent, do the math.

  • Yonte Marion - I received my product and couldn't be happier. It arrived the next day as it said ...

    I received my product and couldn't be happier. It arrived the next day as it said it went and came in perfect condition , thank you.

  • Scott S. - Dropped these into my new HP Pavilion 17 and memory ...

    Dropped these into my new HP Pavilion 17 and memory benchmarks doubled (mostly because its using 2 channels because of both slots being filled) but they worked perfectly.

  • DHarris - Excellent Charger!

    I love this battery charger. I purchased two others of a different brand that did not work. However, this one is great. I can hold multiple sizes of batteries and each battery has an LED indicator to show the charge progress. Very easy to use and small enough to store conveniently. Couldn't be happier!