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  • A. Blomberg - Good wifi for Windows machines and newer Ubuntu install.

    Had some issues with Linux and Mac drivers. Works great in Windows and my newest Ubuntu machine though!

  • buyer beware - SPAM

    Don't buy this product - it justs downloads a bunch of spam on your computer that takes hours to get off!

  • FrenchChef1 - The best one i have tried so far in the category

    It is thick and comfortable, seems durable and well made, doesn't smell much contrary to a cheap Chinese knockoff i first tried to buy on Ebay. That one didn't make it in the house as it smelled so bad of burnt rubber and had to be tossed. This one is very ergonomic. The only thing I have to get use to is the fact that it is smaller than my previous mouse in circumference.

  • Erin - Highly recommended- if you know of a better one, let me know!

    I've never tried other mental stimulation pills, but I highly recommend this one. This is the least expensive I've been able to find them on the market (less than a dollar a pill) and no negative side effects what so ever. I use them to help with mental clarity when making cold calls 5 days a week.

  • Marjorie Lanko - You need to buy this product

    I received a sample of this product free from PINChme to tst and give my honest opinion. Well here it is.....stop everything you are doing and buy this product. I usually use products from icy hot and this product blows it away. Nearly odorless, easy to use and works right away with non of the icy/hot feeling. I suffer from Fibromyalgia,, osteo arthritis and bursitis in my hips along with constant back pain. I received enough sample to apply to my back and guess what, I had a great day. I actually had people comment that I was moving a little better. Definitely recommend.

  • Salli M - Decent vac for the price

    First thing to do is change voltage from 110 to 220vac. It cuts the amp draw from 7 to about 3.5. You have to cut off the 110 plug and get a 220 one and change two wires on the motor which are marked. The instruction are clear. The db level is between 75 and 80 on my meter. Less than my 5 gal shop vac and it's not as piercing as the shop vac. The vac suction is pretty good but you can't compare it to a shop vac which has more suction because it's a short hose and meant for picking up water as well. I made an overhead manifold with 2.5 inch blast gates to five pieces of equipment and am satisfied with it's efficient dust collection.