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  • Morgan Kobielusz - Easy is right

    easy to use and works well. maybe not board straight , but a nice over-the-counter product. it can seem a little pricey get what you pay for.

  • S.D.Young - Very Accurate

    I have a regular BP monitor, and doctors visit (my last physical), to validate this system and it works flawlessly. I also appreciate how it keeps track of your BP history, which is important over time, as BP can change from day to day and tracking it is important. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a convenient measuring device to this very important part of human health.

  • Jeri Edwards - Great song

    Gotta love claim rock and heart takes the cake!!! 80's rock kicks ass!!! It is the best music out there today

  • Lisa Richey - I love it and it does work

    I love it and it does work. All this hype about it being nothing I wish I had pic to show but my boyfriend had a tooth infection that was pretty bad enough that it deformed his face. I thought to give him this product because antibiotic don't work on me either I keep strong probiotics around. but it only took 2 doses and the pain let up then in as little as 3 days all the swelling went down all the pain was gone that is the only thing he took for it until he could go see a dentist. Awesome. But I'm sure someone will have something negative to say anyway. I myself had a quite different experience. I had all the typical signs of detox bloating, gas, diarrhea, headache, stomach pain yeah it was all there. But then within a week it was gone and now I can take it when needed. I use it for things like infections when im sick or over all health.

  • P. Sagues - New Epson ink model really makes sense

    This is the second one I have purchased recently, so I clearly liked the first one. The second one is just the same. What is stunning is the ink capacity (duh) which completely changes the printing experience. I was so tired of the HP run around where seemingly every day one of the many colors was "low" and the printer would hold up and make me hit a bunch of buttons--in between huge delays--only to refuse to print because the recently-purchased genuine HP ink was out of date. Buy more ink at ridiculous prices. And we don't print very much anymore!

  • Winston Parsons - Very cool product

    Items was put on my 2013 mustang and it works extremely well. I have no complaints so far. Picks up all radio stations very well.