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  • CrazyAboutCoffee - Keurig, you've lost a customer for life.

    Wish I could give it a big fat ZERO. My 2nd Keurig died, and after a month brewing pots, I missed the pod convenience so much we splurged today and bought the 2.0 at the mall. I was STUNNED to learn how they had installed a scanner to prevent you from using any pods made by anyone else, reusable pods or even their own pods not made this year!!! Greedy much, Keurig? Not wise- there will be an UGLY backlash from this. I am returning it tomorrow and will never purchase another Green Mountain product. You've lost me for life Keurig 😡

  • Mark Jacobson - It's a great small gaming keyboard.

    I love the sound of the keyboard, I love the lighting effects and how they can be customized, and I love how well built the keyboard feels.

  • Amazon Customer - only one capsule at a time... nice

    Fast and easy solution when i need to increase my supply. shot of 5 stars because you can only take it with 2 oz of water and cannot drink anything before or after the pill for 15 min. I guess it is just how it works but I didn't know before purchasing.

  • RawMilkandHoney - This product changed our family!

    At six years old, my daughter was starting to unravel mentally and physically. She was anxious all of the time, could not handle the smallest change in routine, was regressing in her learning, and would spend hours locked in her room, re-arranging everything in her room, and insisting on sleeping with very bizarre items. She would also complain of stomach cramps, and would periodically run high fevers and experience vomiting and diarrhea. I started to suspect a food allergy, and found information relating to Candida and leaky gut syndrome and the effects when combined with food allergies. When she testes positive for yeast, I immediately started her on ThreeLac, and cut gluten and casein from her diet. She experienced some withdrawal for a couple of days, but has blossomed since then. She is a child that we have never known - happy, relaxed, well adjusted, social, and confident. No more cramping or vomiting. Apart from her miraculous recovery, my husband and I are sleeping better at night, with fewer aches and pains that we thought were normal, I no longer have migraines or irregular cycles, and our other daughters have not been sick since taking this product. I recommend it to everyone and think it is more than worth the price. You don't have to refrigerate it, can take it anywhere, mix it in anything. I certainly won't hurt you to try it, you can only benefit!

  • Lindsey Poyner - Smells wonderful!

    Bought this to replace my Doterra lemon E.O. which would be more expensive to replace. The package came a day earlier than I was told it would which is great!! I opened it right away and was thrilled with the smell, the taste is also great tastes just like zest from a lemon definitely would be again.

  • C. Overman - It works....

    Works with Windows 10 and no real problems. The GUI is a bit silly as it has symbols that don't describe the operations until you click them, but not so complex that you can't figure it out. Main gripe is that their 2014 software is no longer supported and won't deal with windows 10, so had to spring for a $30 upgrade to get this version.