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  • Mariela Sandoval - Great Product! I'm committed.

    I've been using this product for 8 years now. Its great on my dry curly hair. It smells great and doesn't leave my hair oily. I use a very small amount to control my flyaway's, and my ends. I really like that it's a product that I can use no matter what I'm doing to my hair. It's great when I where my hair naturally curly, or I straighten it. One bottle usually last me 6 months. It's much cheaper to purchase on Amazon then in store.


    Oh...My....God..... This was just awful. 158 Minutes of painful acting and completely unlikeable characters. I have to also mention to Mr. Emmerich that he put just a tad too many cliffhangers into the movie. I mean, come on. This one stupid #$$ family avoids how many giant fissures and fireballs that it kind of got a little annoying that he was making these flying leaps across gorges in a limo AND an RV. Come on! Yes, it worked in SPEED, but it only happened once in SPEED. It was every three &#$%ing seconds in this farce. The reactions by the actors/actresses were also just horrible. Around 95% of the earths population was just violently killed and the remaining 5% of the people are cheering for the life of one man who didn't drown. Yay, all my relatives and friends are dead, but this guy didnt drown. COME ON!!!!! WTF!!!! Absolute garbage. They also end the movie, and I mean the last &#$%ing line of the movie, with a memorable quote about bedwetting. Yes bedwetting ends this 158 minute vomit fest. If you are looking for cringe inducing action scenes involving Limos, RVs and airplanes evading every gigantic piece of thundering fireballs and crumbling skyscrapers AND you like to gag while viewing sappy dialogue about stepfathers and world peace. Then by all means rent or buy this barrel of $#1%.

  • Sheryl Johnson - Awesome game

    It is a great game, I couldn't stop playing it.I really wish the instruction manual came with it though.But overall Great game!

  • AccioFirebolt - No results whatsoever

    As other reviews have stated, this product did not work at all for me. Zero results whatsoever. I gave this a fair amount of time (3 weeks) to work before I posted a review. This product was a complete waste of time and money for me. I regret the purchase and I do not recommend it.

  • Pilot222 - Didn't buy it here, but...

    it's one of the few products Amazon carries that can be found at a lower price elsewhere. I bought directly from the company for $269 and free shipping. Shipped via FedEx ground and arrived in the eastern US from the western states in just a few days. Fit and finish are really very nice, and installation was easy. The instructions were well written and while the disassembly of the console lid took a little longer than anticipated, the vault was installed in under 30 minutes.

  • Dave n - Poor instructions poor service

    I ordered this because I wanted a quality charger and didn't mind paying for it. When I received it I could not get it to work because this instructions are very vague I am not a expert in rc batteries and could use some help in operating this charger I called the companies help line and could never get someone to talk two. I finally left a message and nobody called back. I sent it back thinking it was defective but I think I just didn't know how to operate. I ordered another brand and it had the diagram of how to hook up and I didn't know you had to hook up both battery connections because on the cheap chargers you only hook up the flat white plug and don't need the deans connector plugged in. I would have been nice if the directions would show that or somebody would answer the help line

  • J. Solares - A great upgrade from the ps3

    I have a PC and love playing on it, but one thing that i kind of lost passion for growing up was upgrading it with new ram and vid cards. so i turned to a ps3 and didnt look back, i still use my pc for steam summer sales and what not but after getting hooked on alot of ps exclusive games, i decided to stay with the ps family. I sold my ps3 and bought a ps4 and i can safely say im loving it so far. The games i have right now are BF4 and infamous 2nd son. I recomend those games because bF4 gives you the scope of what the ps4 can do in MP games (64 players and huge maps). second son looks beautiful and the new framerate looks amazing (mostly when theres 2 or 3 building falling down and you're just causing more chaos with your smoke powers). lucky for me theres so many more games coming, a personal favorite, The last of us remastered (i finished it on ps3 and cant wait to replay it on PS4). I recomend watching a few youtube gamplay videos on youtube and videoreviews of games to see which one fits your taste. Its not much different from the xboxone or the pc when it comes to the visuals of games, alot of art styles out there and gameplay styles. In the end it just comes down to what kind of games you like.