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  • Brett K. - Great

    If this is required reading for college the professor could have chosen worse book. It nicely lays out each important president and their changes to the statue quo. It give great insight into how each president viewed the presidency often along ideological and historic line.

  • Diana Johnson - ... in my bath water and I had a really bad reaction to the back of my knee's

    I put this frankincense oil in my bath water and I had a really bad reaction to the back of my knee's. I don't know if I put too much or it was this brand of frankincense oil. I've used frankincense oil before and this has never happened to me. This frankincense oil seems a bit harsh in my opinion.

  • Ebony P. - So far so good 👌🏽

    So far it's been almost a month and I have noticed that my butt has become more plump 😊 I planned on adding more to my review after a full 6 months. As of now this product is doing what it's suppose to do. 🍑

  • Amazon Customer - An encyclopedia for the open minded, seeking answers to questions that might never be answered elsewhere.

    A great read for the ones looking for answers not mentioned in the history books. I didn't have to surf around the pages to find what I wanted to read first, the index is setup in a way that its easy to pick the topic of you interest. Recommended.

  • Dale Hockenberry - Worked great for me!

    I was skeptical about this product really but had read about several caffine infused shampoos.My hair was falling out seemed like if I put my hand in my hair I would get quite a bit of hair.It was in my sink ,on my bathroom floor ,everywhere.I noticed the biggest difference on the 3 rd. day.I went from a large tooth comb full of hair to 1 hair,that's right 1 hair .I was amazed.I tried using another shampoo for a couple days but then I had hair loss again,not as much but more than with the caffine shampoo.I'm not saying it will work for everyone because everyone with hair loss has a different reason.I may have to use this forever ,I'm not sure but at this price who cares,I have to wash my hair ,right.I will continue to use this and anyone will hair falling out ,hey its worth a try anyway.

  • Chantel Bredemeier - I have been collecting these beauitful Swarovski ornaments for close ...

    I have been collecting these beauitful Swarovski ornaments for close to 20 years. They look gorgeous on my Xmas tree if placed with a light directly behind it.

  • Gary Bass - Lemon

    The right 2 inches of the screen is pixilated with lines going up and down. It will not update. Basically, the television is a lemon. Not what I expect from Sony.