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  • Amazon Customer - I have fine hair and was nervous it might break my hair ...

    My hair has been very dry and brittle, so I decided to give this a try. I have fine hair and was nervous it might break my hair so I did a strand test first, it seemed to be fine so I followed the instructions exactly on all of my hair. I washed and towel dried it, put step 1 on, combed it through and left it on for 30 mins total. I used a hand blow dryer for the first 10 mins, then let it sit for another 20 mins until it was super hard. Then I washed out with warm water, put in the conditioner that goes with it and I left that in for 20 mins. I rinsed that out and I can definitely feel a difference! My hair is softer, and silky for sure! I'm hoping it stays this way and it's not because I just washed out the conditioner. I'll update again in about a week, but I definitely feel a big difference right away! I'm hopeful I've found help for my hair that actually works! Oh and the smell is not great, but not big deal

  • Trish - Bible: New American Bible, Revised Edition 2011

    I already owned the printed copy of this Bible, so was familiar with it and love it for all the information it contains in intros to books and footnotes. When I ordered the Kindle version, I was hoping for a quick way to get to Biblical references, other books of the Bible, and notes. It's not nearly as quick as I was hoping, though it is much better than the other Kindle Bible I have (which doesn't have footnotes anyway). Perhaps I was expecting too much. Perhaps the following idea is not even possible, but I will pose the suggestion anyway: 2 tabs on the right side of the page, one OT, the other NT. When you choose either one, all the tabs for those books within each appear, and one simply chooses the desired book; at that point, all the chapter tabs appear, and then verse tabs. At least the OT and NT tabs should always be visible. BACK takes you back to where you started. As it is now, to get to another book of your own choice, you must remember the abbreviation for each book and type it at the bottom. (For references and notes, the Kindle version works well enough.) I do not have a touch screen Kindle (yet) but assume that would be even faster with this method. The way it is now, I can navigate the printed version much faster than the Kindle version, and believe me, I don't know the Bible chapter and verse (wish I did).

  • Ray P. - Just like the previous customer

    Just like the previous customer, it came in a small box with no instruction and there was no way the parts would fit. I should have stuck with PUR. A big mistake to buy this product. Very disappointed.

  • Barbara A. Williams - What do you really want to do with your life?

    For those of you who have reached the point in your life when you start asking the question:"What do I really want to do with my life?", this book is for you. It does not simply contain quick-fix job hunting techniques (although I suppose it could be effectively used for that), but instead guides you through the process of thoughfully examining your previous jobs and understanding what you like to do, what skills you have that you may be unaware of, and how to use this information to get a job that is ideal for you. This book is well-written and easy to follow. The exercises can help you to develop not only insight but also more confidence about the skills you have to offer an employer. After reading this book you will never again settle for just looking through the want-ads again!

  • Amazon Customer - It's a nice light weight stroller

    It's a nice light weight stroller, but a little difficult to close if you have small/short fingers, like me.

  • Amazon Customer - Loved it!

    As always, it's hard to find fault in anything written by Alexa Riley. It was redundant reading all those books again, but like with a good movie watched more than once, you catch nuances that had previously gone unnoticed. The only story I hadn't read yet was the one between Raven and Jack. My only complaint was that it was too short! But that's why she keeps writing, and I keep reading