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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • dickb - Tax Forms and Software for Small Businesses and Partnerships

    We have been using this software for over a dozen years for its handling of our Partnership needs. Handles everything a General or Tax-Matters Partner normally needs.

  • JWyatt - Five Stars

    Best analysis of Longhorn football that you'll find heading into the 2016 season. Well worth the money.

  • LORAINE WELLMAN - Just what I wanted

    I was shopping locally in a bricks and mortar store and found only unidentified metal and unidentified coatings. I was happy to find this stainless steel pan and have been enjoying using it. It is sturdy, good quality.

  • Annalise - Love it for a dark bathroom, don't try it in a bedroom!

    Installing one of these transformed my dark bathroom with no windows. Beautiful! Installing it in the dark bedroom was a huge mistake. I keep trying to reach and turn out the light.

  • Cheyenne settle - Great taste and quality

    Excellent! I couldnt tell they were sugar free. I will purchase them again. But, my brother ate half of the bag and had explosive diarhea. He called me the next day and said he pooped his bed in the middle of the night. Sucks for him butI warned him that some people are sensitive to artificial sweetner and start out slow. He learned the hard way.

  • Jennifer - This product saved my dry, brittle hair!

    My fine, naturally curly, highlighted, blonde hair was so damaged by chlorine that my daughter even told me maybe I needed to just wear a wig. I was doing everything my hairdresser suggested but the damage to my hair was so intense I was considering just cutting it very short. I went to Sephora and a saleslady there pointed me in the direction of Ojon and told me they were her favorite hair products. I looked at the price, gulped and thought, well, hopefully you get what you pay for! The first time I used the Restorative Hair Treatment I put way too much in and just did it for 20 minutes with a shower cap over my hair and applied heat from my hair dryer. I followed up with the Damage Reverse shampoo & conditioner. I hated the smell, definitely smelled like I was at a bar all night but my hair had never been so smooth, soft, and shiny. It was however a bit greasy at the roots but I had just put too much in. I used it again last night (one week later) but I used less and I put a shower cap over my hair, again heated it up with a hair dryer and I kept it in overnight. I didn't think it smelled as bad and it didn't bother me during the night like I thought it would, although I did use less product than the first time. When I washed it out with the Ojon shampoo and conditioner this morning my hair feels perfect. It feels healthy, soft and the ends feel GREAT! I swear by this product and will use it every week. Did I mention that my hair is shiny? I have NEVER had shiny hair! LOVE IT. You MUST try it!