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  • ambiente digital - A Cândido Designer é uma Agência Digital que tem a solução para melhorar a imagem da sua empresa na área digital. Somos especialistas e marketing digital e sites responsivos. Peça agora uma proposta e aumente as chances de vendas com as nossas soluções.

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  • Amazon Customer - I think the charge indicator is more for show. ...

    I think the charge indicator is more for show. I went out with my 14ft deep v, with me and another fat guy, using my minnkota 30lb all the way up on 5 all day, 2 hours in the morning and evening without pausing. at the end of the day, it said my battery charge was still "high". and while i didn't have any signs that the battery was winding down, i know it shouldn't have read "high"

  • Steve C. - Overall, works well

    I had a problem correcting a rounding error on the balance sheet, but otherwise it was easy to use. The software told me there was an error, but it did not guide me in fixing it. I had to hunt around to fix it. Otherwise, worked as expected.

  • knifeknut - No longer useful to the average person

    format has changed, No longer useful to the average person. Charged $37.00 re-stocking fee. Never again Amazon.

  • Jeff Bailey - sound quality is very clear

    In fact it is so comfortable there have been a few occasions where I forgot I had it on until I had left the office and was half way home!

  • Mark David Zahn - Eleven things I HATE about my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    I’ve read review after glowing review about Samsung’s current flagship phone, the Galaxy S7 Edge, and it makes me wonder if I’m using the same phone that they are. I know when a new product gets reviewed, the experience is different because they only try it out for a few days before writing about it. To be fair, I rather enjoyed my new phone for the first month or so as well. But now that I’m a few months in, it’s really starting to piss me off. It’s almost to the point where I want to use it as a wireless hotspot for my old, deactivated iPhone 5S.

  • Eileen Nephin Bish - Cleanliness is next to godliness!

    Cleanliness is next to godliness - at least that was what my mAother said - she would have appreciated this "sweeper" even if it has no wheels it does the job on my kitchen floor and I can even manuveur it on my stairs - and they are clean! As the owner of 2 cats - one of which is a long haired kitty - believe me - this is a huge endorsement.

  • Trisha - Great set of golf clubs without the huge pricetag!

    These clubs have turned out to be a great set...after playing with multiple brands of irons...these are one of my favorite sets. Sometimes spending a lot on a set does not get you a great set...found value in these.