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  • DLEET2016 - Ahhh!!!!!! My teeth are black!

    This is the first time I have ever used this type of a teeth whitening product. The only thing I think of when I hear the word "charcoal," is a cookout! But, to brush your teeth with it, that's a whole new ballgame! When I ordered Dr. Song All Natural Charcoal Teeth Whitening and Tooth Gum Powder Coconut Activated Charcoal, for some reason, I didn't really expect granulated charcoal! I was thinking it would be a paste made with charcoal! But anyway, I finally broke down and tried it. The instructions are very basic to follow, but one very important factor should be included! Before you start you should buy a new toothbrush so you can use your old one for the cleaning process. (your toothbrush will get stained black) Also, use paper towels under the jar to prevent the charcoal from staining your counter! Now you'll be ready to begin!

  • Amazon Customer - It's A Tight Fit

    Great looking product. You get what you pay for though. The stock grill fits perfectly in place. This was a little tight and almost didn't line up. But it's been about a month know and hasn't fallen off yet!

  • Lisa Talev - great TV, crappy Amazon Fulfillment experience

    awesome picture quality, great sound (no sound bar required). Love the price. My only complaint was I hit some major snags receiving this, b/c of Amazon Fulfillment issues. Got several shipping notifications, all of which passed...and then my TV arrived about 5 weeks after I'd ordered it! Had some major issues getting it on time, but as for the TV itself I love it.

  • M from Manhattan - Defective - quarters slipped out into the binding of the book, making holes in the book and damaging the quarters!

    My son put this on his Wish List after we read the good reviews. He was very excited to receive this for his birthday, and put his treasured state park quarters in carefully with my assistance. But the book was defective - the binding was unsealed, and the quarters slipped to the left, into the binding and then poked out of the book (making holes in the binding...and damaging his quarters in the process). It was then very difficult to get the quarters out because they were trapped inside the binding of the book. This problem occurred within a couple of weeks of usage. Very disappointing. At least Amazon has a good return policy!

  • Bonnie Jones - Sadistic and all about torture

    What an absolutely sadistic start to the newest season. It's so disappointing. It involves people torturing other people...physically, mentally, emotionally. What a sick display of "humanity"...even for a show about zombies. It makes your stomach sick. Again, SO disappointed.