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  • pcactivitydir. - It is making my hair dry and "fly-away"....

    I have had hair problems since my mid teens, so I really don't expect miracles. I used Nioxin when it first came out, but then it stopped working. Bosley has such a good reputation in the hair restoring field. I am a bit surprised this product is causing such dryness and making my hair so hard to manage. I do not use conditioner because all of it weighs my hair down. I will keep using the product because I bought the 33.8 oz size.... maybe a sample size would have been more appropriate? Live and learn. I am open to any suggestions concerning conditioner.... honestly even those designed for "visible thinning hair" leave mine gmmy, sticky and flat, no matter how well I rinse. Here is a post script, I had my hair trimmed about a week after I wrote this review, and my hairdressed said my hair appears to be thicker, so maybe if I keep it trimmed that will take care of the dry ends.

  • Kona Mike - Same as Toyota at half the cost

    Save a ton of money. We all know the dealer wants an arm and a leg for aftermarket or options like this. Relatively easy install. Read and follow the instructions and save yourself some grief.

  • Nivedita Chappidi - A great resource, but....

    This book is an almost comprehensive (A few US universities and a lot of Cadanian schools didn't have thier school data published) and highly useful book for pre-med students. It can usually be found in pre-med advising offices, but if it can't, it's definitely a good resource to own.

  • Darian F - Okay System at the moment

    The Xbox One is a good system but I think it suffers from trying to be all things to everyone instead of having a clear focus. The voice commands are hit or miss a lot of the times. The UI is seemingly getting slower instead of faster, and suffers some freezing problems. Getting to certain apps and functions is more difficult than it was on the 360. Party chat has experienced issues, and the game install system is ridiculous.

  • Daniel D Cameron - Trust the fans

    Buy this book. If you have any doubts, subscribe to Now I Know daily emails. After a week, it's highly likely that you will come back and buy the book. So you might as well trust us and buy it now. It's going to make Christmas SO easy this year.

  • H. P. Stone - love toe socks....

    I like the crew & mini crew socks so much that I thought these would be great under my work shoes, & they are, they make my shoes/feet much more comfortable, no more blisters or smushed toes! However I do find the compression maybe a little tight on my calves by the end of the workday, it depends how long or hard of a day it's been! Also they are not quite thin enough for my work shoes, they bunch up a little at the top of the foot in my "mary jane" style shoes, although I don't feel anything, it doesn't make them uncomfortable, but if you're looking you can see that but I still wear them anyway (the pants cover that part)! When the weather is cooler, they'll be perfect under boots (I'm referring to regular "fashion boots, not snow boots, lol) For running, maybe they're slightly too thin, or maybe it's just that they're not cotton so don't grip as well, but I feel my foot slide a bit in my sneakers. If I was going to use these with a pair of sneakers exclusively, then I'd buy a smaller sneaker size to fix this, but I think I prefer to wear their micro crew toe socks for running/walking & keep these for work or after run recovery.