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  • Augustus Hinds - Clearer Thought!

    I just started grad school, and concentration is very important. This product seems to have helped a great deal. I definitely can focus on studying with less distraction and more attention to detail. I make it a point to take it daily to enhance my concentration and improve my study habits. I have many obligations that draw my attention, family, job, illness, etc. and I do not use prescription support, I prefer natural supplements - this product enhances my healthy choices while supporting my attention loss/needs. I have recommended this product to my classmates and I will continue to use the product.

  • hollyca - Wonderful renewal cream

    This is a great product and contains vitamin C which is good for your skin. There is a notable difference in my skin now than from the past. Once the hype came out regarding facial products containing vitamin C I searched and this is the first I have tried. I have used it for two years and don't plan to change.

  • Wayne Nelson - These will not fit a 2016 GMCHD Crew cab if ...

    These will not fit a 2016 GMCHD Crew cab if you have the black wheel trim. I sent these back and ordered the Husky 56891 liners, hope they fit.

  • K. Newland - Scared to Use

    So, I tried these to hang some larger pictures in traditional, glass-front, frames above my fireplace (about 10 lbs). The instructions say to install the strips on the frame side (2 on each side of the frame) and then remove the backing and press and hold the picture to the wall for 30 seconds. Then, remove your frame, press the strips on the wall for 30 seconds, and let set for an hour. Then, go back and actually press the frame back onto the wall strips to hang the frame. Step one: The velcro held and I could barely get the frame off of the wall to let the wall strips sit. Step 2: Had difficulty seeing behind the frame when trying to line up the strips that I had on the wall to the strips on the back of my frame Final Step: Once the strips were once again lined up... I couldn't get the velcro to reattach to each other and the picture nearly fell to the floor (If I wouldn't have caught it on the way down, it would have hit the ceramic floor and smashed the glass in the frame).

  • Doctor D - Worked wonders as a bedbug pesticide, but a strategy is required

    Having realized in horror that I had a mild bedbug infestation confined to my bedroom, I researched for the most effective, natural way of getting rid of them (I was not in the market to spend hundreds, let alone thousands, of dollars on chemical toxins that might not work that well). This led me to this product, step one of my strategy. Step two required learning as much as possible about this pest. So here's how I got rid of them:

  • T. Vass - My floors are trashed now

    I started using floor shine on my hardwood greatroom floor when it was about 3 mos old. It looked wonderful for the first few days, then it got dull, so I used it again a few weeks later. I continued this for about a year. The remover doesn't work. Nothing works to remove this crap...untill my puppy had an accident. Dog pee removes it well. So I thought maybe amonia? Found a "recipe" online to remove it. It didn't work. So my floors are dull with spots where it has lifted when something spilled (or pups made mistakes) My advice...don't use it. It voided my floor warranty too. It's going to cost $600 to have it professionally removed. Waiting to be able to afford to rip it out and just lay slate. Done with wood.